Delicious In Dungeon – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Hot Pot/Tart

Episode 1 of Delicious In Dungeon starts with an origin story surrounding a tiny village. A fissure occurred within its catacombs and a man emerged from the rubble, claiming to have ruled the Golden Country. The old man claimed everything was fine until a mage cast a spell that sunk the land deep underground and trapped everyone there. The elderly fellow promised to give anyone the kingdom if they defeated the mage. The origin tale closes with the old man turning to dust and getting whisked away. 

We cut to a man and his party fighting a dragon. The man reflects on the party’s quest from his hunger to his party’s sluggish nature. The gentleman wants to help his party retrieve more supplies after they’ve finished slaying the dragon. Suddenly, the man’s sister shoves him away and the dragon grabs her with its mouth. His sister casts a spell to transport Laios (the man we’ve been following) and the rest away from battle.

Suddenly, Laios’s female elf comrade rushes over to check on him. She wonders what happened to Falin (Laios’s sister). Laios says the dragon ate her and Laios believes the spell she used to save them all couldn’t reach her in time. Laios tells the elf he plans to save Falin, but the elf says they’re broke and all their inventory is left behind (besides the gear they have currently). Then, Chilchuck, another party member, tells Laios two party members have quit and shows Laios their resignation letters. 

Laios ponders his party members’ reasons for departing. He reflects on how high raiding missions, party members, gear, and food cost. He wonders if they could afford cheaper gear, food, party members, etc. if they sold their current gear. Chilchuck doesn’t believe so. The elf girl suggests they discuss this issue later and focus on getting food. Laios, the elf girl, and Chilchuck explore a town. While the elf girl is lost in thought over the food, Laios asks her and Chilchuck to leave the party. 

He wants to sell their gear and raid the dragon’s dungeon alone to save Falin. Although the elf girl and Chilchuck think Laios is crazy for wanting to tackle this dungeon alone, Laios explains why it’s beneficial for him to do so. However, the elf girl and Chilchuck convince Laios why he should let them tag along. Laios takes the elf girl and Chilchuck to a dungeon and states they’ll retrieve food from there. He says monsters lie within it and explains the herbivore/carnivore ecosystem. 

As they explore, Laios says they’ll be attacking monsters and turning them into food. The elf girl’s not on board with this idea since she’s worried they’ll get sick or perish after eating the dungeon’s monsters. Suddenly, our team runs into another group fleeing from a mushroom creature. Laios attacks it and informs the elf and Chilchuck that they can turn it into a delectable dish. Then, Laios explains how each dungeon holds an “open space” for adventurers and merchants. 

This space was once home to the catacombs. Six years ago, it was properly connected to the dungeon and has become a busy spot ever since. Then, Laios contemplates the dungeon monsters’ origins while murdering a scorpion. He wonders if the Golden Country still exists. Our heroes find a vacant spot and Laios cooks the mushroom and scorpion. He nibbles on the scorpion after cooking it but gets sick from it.

A gentleman approaches our heroes and shows them how to prepare the scorpion and mushroom for eating purposes properly. The gentleman tries adding ingredients that set the elf girl (Marcille) off. While Marcille argues with the gentleman, Laios calls out to her. Suddenly, a slime creature drops from the ceiling and lands on Marcille’s head. She can’t use magic and has died from a slime beast.

The gentleman saves Marcille from the slime and shares details about its anatomy with Laios. While the gentleman prepares the slime for meal purposes, he says he’s been cooking up and studying dungeon creatures for ten years. The gentlemen hands Laios and Chilchuck the dish he made with the scorpion, slime, and mushroom creature. Laios and Chilchuck love it. Marcille refuses to eat the meal but concedes due to hunger. 

After our heroes finish the meal, the gentleman introduces himself as Senshi. Laios introduces himself and the others to Senshi and explains their mission to save Filan from a powerful dragon. Senshi realizes he’s referring to the Red Dragon and shares crucial intel with Laios about it. Senshi joins Laios’s party and can’t wait to make a meal from the Red Dragon. Our heroes travel on the second floor and Laios gives the audience intel about it. 

During their travels, Marcille gets hungry again but refuses to eat meals with gross monsters in them. The group runs into a Baraselia flower and Laios explains its uses and origins to his party members. Marcille tells her party to stand aside so she can use a spell to defeat Baraselia flowers. However, the flowers grab her with their vines. One of the parasitic Baraselia throws up a man’s corpse. Marcille panics for a bit while Laios shares more details with her about the Baraselia species. 

Laios saves Marcille and continues sharing knowledge with her. Our heroes establish a base on the second floor and Senshi prepares a Fruit Tart dish for them to try. After our heroes eat the dish, they ponder what to do with the man’s corpse. They eventually decide to hang him near a tree to see if someone will pick him up and dispose of his body. Laios reflects on the dungeon’s eat-or-be-eaten nature, and the episode closes with him shutting his monster guide and looking at the man’s corpse. 

The Episode Review

Netflix kicks off the Winter of 2024 Anime Season with the debut of Delicious In Dungeon, a fantasy series brimming with exploration, cooking, and smidges of action and comedy. This episode wonderfully gives viewers an idea of Laios, Chilchuck, Marcille, and Senshi’s characters, which is appreciated.

With Laios’s love for monsters to Senshi’s exceptional cooking skills, this chapter expertly established our characters in the first episode. Additionally, this episode provides viewers with great context surrounding their world and its creatures. From the different floor structures to creature species, this world feels lively, imaginative, and genuinely complex. 

Although the anime may struggle with repetitive humor and long-winded explanations in the future, fans will appreciate the series’ attention to detail and scope. Coupled with stunning visuals and an appropriate soundtrack, this anime is shaping up to be another hit from Studio Trigger, much like Cyberpunk Edgerunners was in 2022. Only time will tell if that becomes the case. 


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