Delicious In Dungeon – Season 1 Episode 19 Recap & Review


Episode 19 of Delicious In Dungeon begins with Asebi demanding Marcille to use black magic to undo two spells placed on her body. Chilchuk identifies Asebi as a beast-man and Laios realizes this is what Falin’s become. Nevertheless, Marcille tells Asebi she’ll do her best to fix Asebi up. While Marcille examines the spell cast on Asebi’s neck, Asebi orders Senshi to fetch her something to eat. 

Senshi gives her a meal and Asebi devours the meal and starts coughing. Senshi offers to cook her a proper dish and Asebi warns him if he feeds her monsters, she’ll kill him. Senshi whips up a fish and presents it to Asebi. Asebi eats the dish and Laios is baffled by her poor manners. Asebi tosses the mushrooms out of Senshi’s dish. Senshi demands that Asebi use her utensils properly and return the mushrooms in the meal. 

Asebi moves around despite Marcille telling her to stop. A demonic figure appears and tries to murder Asebi. Senshi shoves Marcille and Asebi away from the demon. Senshi shows Asebi how to hold her spoon. Next, Senshi and Laios defeat the demonic figure. During that fight, Senshi explains why using tools accurately is important. Marcille tells Asebi why she shouldn’t move around when someone’s trying to remove a spell from someone’s body. 

After that, Asebi reiterates why she confronted Laios and the others. Although Marcille explains black/ancient magic comes in all forms, Asebi believes Laios and his friends know how to break curses like hers. Unfortunately, Marcille tells Asebi she may not have a method to free Asebi from her cat girl curse. Moreover, Marcille argues she doesn’t have a way to return Falin to normal. 

Asebi questions why Laios and the others would continue their journey if they don’t have a way to return Falin to normal. Laios explains he wants to protect Falin from hurting people and herself. Additionally, Laios says if they return to the surface world, they’ll be apprehended for dabbling in black magic. Asebi’s upset that she’ll never be a normal human again.

However, Laios tells Asebi that she still has her humanity. Laios argues it’s possible Falin will retain her humanity too, despite being a beast-man now. Marcile tells Asebi the dungeon lord may have a way to free Asebi of her cat girl persona. Asebi wonders if Marcille’s trying to recruit her and suggests the others refer to her as Izutsumi. 

Then, Laios finds himself in a void-like dimension. In it, several folks, including his parents, belittle him for his current actions. He wonders how he got into this dimension. Then, we enter a brief flashback. In it, Laios notices Marcille is stressed out. Marcille rests in a bed. Laios and Chilchuk examine Marcille while she’s resting and Laios realizes a Nightmare entity is causing Marcille mental anguish. 

He says Nightmares inflict nightmares upon their victims. Laios says if Marcille continues resting, she’ll inevitably perish. Chilchuk tries waking Marcille up, but she’s not responding to his calls. Laios tells Chilchuk to stop because he’ll harm her soul if he forces her awake. Therefore, Laios uses one of Falin’s old wake-up tactics to avoid that dilemma. 

Then, we return to the present and Laios realizes the Nightmare creature placed him in this weird, dream-like environment. Now that he knows he’s in a dream, Laios summons a beast to defeat his dream naysayers. Then, he transforms into a wolf and starts digging. He argues this will allow him to enter Marcille’s dream since he’s using her as a pillow. 

Laios arrives in Marcille’s dream and he’s no longer a wolf. He stumbles upon a younger Marcille and tells her she’s dreaming. Marcille ignores all that and insists Laios flee with her somewhere. She tells Laios a creature ate her father and someone named Pipi. Laios recalls Falin’s helpful remarks regarding Nightmares and tells Marcille he’ll defeat the monster. 

Then, the monster appears and Laios abandons his desires to defeat it, resulting in him and Marcille running away. Laios argues it’d be easier to defeat if Marcille realized she was dreaming. Then, Laios discovers what type of creature the monster is, but before he can do something, the monster caresses Laios and damages his face. Marcille looks at Laios’s face and freaks out, causing the area to spiral out of control and strengthen the Nightmare entity. 

Laios encourages Marcille to use magic to defeat the monster. Although Marcille knows she can use magic, she refuses, because it turned her friend into a doll. Laios realizes Marcille feels guilty about transforming Falin into a beast-man. Therefore, Laios encourages Marcille to keep running. Additionally, he says Falin’s alive because of her spell, so she shouldn’t feel guilty about using magic on her. 

They run into the beast again and flee from it. Eventually, the two stop, and Laios confronts Marcille about her grievances. Marcille reveals who Pipi is and what became of her father. Laios realizes Marcille’s not afraid of perishing. She’s more concerned that those she cares about will die before she does. Laios chats with Marcille and Marcille argues that she cannot defeat the monster. 

Also, Marcille wishes she had the same magic book the lunatic magician has. Laios encourages Marcille, telling her not to give up and to conjure that same magic book to defeat the monster. Marcille conjures the book and defeats the monster before it can devour Laios. Then, Marcille and Laios wake up and Laios grabs Marcille’s pillow. 

He shakes the pillow and several shells fall out of it. Laios tells Marcille and the others that these are Nightmares. He asks Senshi to whip up a Nightmare-themed dish because he wants to try one. While Senshi prepares a dish, a mirage appears. This features a good version of Marcille’s dream. The five examine the mirage and the episode closes with Laios telling Senshi that he’s glad he helped Marcille out. 

The Episode Review

It appears Asebi (or Izutsumi) will be accompanying our heroes on their quest to save Falin. This episode didn’t give viewers a lot of intel on Izutsumi’s character, but it gave them some details about her. From her picky-eating habits to her beast-man curse predicament, this episode gives viewers a few breadcrumbs to take away from her exchange with our heroes. 

We’re optimistic future chapters will delve into Izutsumi’s history further and give us insight into what life was like for her when she was Shuro’s retainer. Additionally, this chapter explored Marcille’s character to great effect. As many speculated, Marcille’s experiencing an essence of grief concerning the Falin resurrection ritual she performed a couple of episodes ago. 

Although it’s unclear if Laios completely eradicated Marcille’s sorrows regarding the matter, it was compelling seeing him encourage Marcille in the dream world. On that note, this episode gives fans a unique take on horrid dreams in the form of the Nightmare entity. Although this series is known for introducing new creatures and concepts, many will adore Delicious In Dungeon’s author’s take on this horrifying yet simplistic idea. 

Overall, this was a great showcase from Delicious In Dungeon. I’m excited to see what Izutsumi will add to our group outside of her poor manners. 

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