Delhi Crime – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 5

Thermal is on the lookout at the start of Delhi Crime Season 2’s finale, when he hears the police sirens go off. After the couple has alerted the cops, they are hiding away and Karishma is not ablate find them.

When the cops arrive, Thermal sends an SOS to Babloo and he and Karishma flee the scene. Bhupendra is in critical condition as he is shot in his arm. Karishma is sad that she was not able to commit the crime and appears pissed.

The cyber cell officer, Ashutosh, is asked to go through Guddu’s phone which is in a damaged condition. Meanwhile, Officer Neeti interrogates Guddu (Pawan Gulati) and asks him about the crime and his involvement in the murder.

The cops beat him up when he raises his voice against them over their questions. Guddu continues to lie despite being hit constantly. Ashutosh seeks help from an expert who can extract images and data from Guddu’s damaged phone.

Vartika notices how Guddu was non-responsive despite being beaten up by the cops. She threatens to arrest and charge him for all the deaths by himself and he ends up confessing the names of his accomplices – Thermal, his uncle Babloo and Babloo’s girlfriend, Karishma.

Neeti tells Vartika about her investigation of a makeup artist named Karishma. She is able to track the girl’s phone number down while Ashutosh reveals photos from Guddu’s phone that is revealed to be Thermal. The cops are able to find an address.

Meanwhile, the Kachcha-Baniyan gang’s remaining trio get into a fight after Thermal states that the 40 lakh rupees from their last theft are missing. After Babloo furiously confronts Karishma who has used the money for a down-payment of her parlour.

Their fight becomes viscous and Karishma ends up killing Thermal and Babloo. She immediately flees the scene of crime and goes underground to a different apartment in a remote location.

The cops arrive at the Kachcha Baniyan gang’s address and find the dead bodies of Thermal and Babloo in a dishevelled condition and pin the blame on Karishma after they find the murder weapons.

At the hospital, Bhupendra wakes up and chats up with her daughter while Vartika interrogates the landlord for renting his flat out to the criminals. She gets a call from Shubash who claims that Karishma’s number is registered under the name of Lata Kumari from Ghaziabad (a remote place that is away from Delhi).

She and her team go to Ghaziabad to investigate Karishma/Lata and figure out that the woman had fled her house leaving behind her husband and son to live a life of luxury. Vartika asks Neeti to investigate the parlour she worked at in Ghaziabad.

They find out how Lata always desired to live a rich life like her former boss – Karishma (a name Lata later adopted). They are stumped as they are not able to find any traces of Lata. Meanwhile, she is living a low-key life all by herself in a shady apartment.

Things are chaotic still at Neeti’s house where Devender is upset with her for prioritising her work. He is leaving to rejoin the military after his break and the couple end up having a huge fight that could possibly break their marriage.

The next day, stumped in her investigation, Vartika visits Bhupendra whose words help the SHO to come to a new lead, helping with the investigation. She calls up Ashutosh asking him to look up her phone records.

The cyber security officer and Vartika analyse the phone calls made together and Ashutosh reveals how Lata called a certain restaurant at odd hours of the day. Vartika asks him to investigate the restaurant owner.

Shubash arrives at the owner’s house and upon interrogation, brings him to the police station. Vartika notices Neeti’s state and offers her consolation. Shubash arrives with the restaurant owner and Vartika interrogates him in her own way.

He reveals the address that Lata is hiding out at and the entire team shows up. Unaware that the cops are around, Lata hears the dogs barking and grows suspicious. She flees upon seeing the cop cars, as Vartika and her team are greeted at an empty house with Lata on the run.

The chase eventually ends with Lata about to jump off a rooftop. The Delhi Police finally arrest her. In the police car, Vartika asks why she killed her accomplices but she states she did it in self-defence.

When asked about why she killed the elite senior citizens, Lata reveals how she only took what belonged to her. Lata explains that the elite victim, Mrs. Romila, had promised to help her start up her own parlour.

She goes on to mention how one day the rich woman went back on her word, which caused her to take the money by force. Vartika finally understands the woman does not have any conscience, as she speaks in a narcissistic tone.

Lata is finally taken into custody and arrested. Vartika informs Mrs. Romila’s daughter, going on to mention that it is very difficult to identify the true motives of these blood and money-hungry criminals. She makes a public statement to the reporters about the closure of the case.

Vartika finally gets on a call with CP Vijay who tells her that she has been promoted to the DIG (Deputy Inspector General). The promotion means there will be a transfer too. This time, Vartika will be transferred to a remote location as the season comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The show has finally come to a rather quick end with the fifth episode, as the criminal is now caught. Unlike the first season, Delhi Crime 2 was rather short – but not sweet in any way. After the success of the show, the makers released a YouTube special video where they detailed the actual crime featuring the real victims.

As it turns out, the original Kachcha Baniyan gang were actually the tribals who lacked remorse and murdered the elite left and right. The remorseless sentiment is captured well by Karishma, who actually thinks that her actions are not wrong and audaciously states what she did was only take the money that belonged to her.

The job of a cop is not easy and in a country like India where the population is growing by the minute and there are not enough resources for law enforcement to establish a stabilised control over the masses. The end of Delhi Crime 2 promises a third season… and why not?

India does have many criminal cases that fit the plot of the show and it is possible that Vartika is met with an even gripping case in the new season with a completely new team as the Deputy Inspector General where she will soon be posted.

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