Delete Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Delete Plot Summary

Delete is a Thai thriller on Netflix that follows the lives of Too, Lily and Aim. Lily is cheating on her husband, Too, with Aim. One evening as the stakes of her affair rise, she comes across a young girl in the supermarket who asks her to help her take a picture. However, Lily soon realizes that this is not a normal phone when the young girl gets deleted.

What ensues is a thrilling yet disturbing plan between Aim and Lily to use the phone to start a new life together. But as with all best-laid plans, things go awry and lead to grim consequences no one saw coming.

Delete: Secrets

Episode 8 of Delete starts with a flashback to the day Too met with Lily for the first time to do an interview. He had figured that she was a snob; a woman making her mark using her husband and even wanted to cancel the interview. Orn tried to convince him to change his attitude but he was still stuck up until he listened to Lily and looked at her exhibition. That was the start of the end.

After everything went down in episode 7 and Lily chose to return to Too and dumped him, Aim has been going through it. He regrets deleting his girlfriend, Orn, for Lily and his life looks bleak.

On the other hand, Too and Lily seem to be trying their best to move forward and put everything behind them. Too is forgiving and ready to raise the baby as his own and Lily is trying to make amends with June.

What happens to Lily and Too?

After settling back into their lives, they try to get back to how things were between them before the affair. Lily asks for the phone and throws it away. She and Too are sure that they will find happiness and become a family.

Lily lies to Aim that she is pregnant with Too’s kid but the child is actually Aim’s. The police are still looking for Yutthachai here, and believe he is the main suspect in Lily’s disappearance. No one other than Aim knows that Too deleted Yutthachai so this allows them to play along and act like Yutthachai is on the run.

What does Aim do with his guilt?

Aim is consumed by so much guilt that he decides to air out all his lies. He posts a message online letting everyone know he lied about being lost in the forest when young. Of course, everyone is disappointed in him. He also feels guilty about what he did to Orn so he tries to spend time with her mom. Lily offers to delete him so that Orn can come back but he turns her offer down.

As days pass, he wallows in guilt and finally decides to ask Too to delete him. For Too this is an offer that solves most of his problems so he goes along with it. Lily tries to stop Aim after reading his goodbye post on social media but unfortunately, she gets to his house too late.

Does Orn Return?

June and Tong get close after June returns. They are worried about Ploysai remembering what June did but it looks like Ploysai doesn’t recall much. June begins to trust Tong and tells him about her misconstrued feelings for Lily. He tells her more about his missing sister, Thong and they start bonding over their loneliness. However, a dark twist threatens to cut their relationship short even before it begins.

Orn returns after Too deletes Aim. She is confused about what happened but understands after watching the footage from the secret cameras she installed in their house. She is however surprised to find Lily in her house. Lily was looking for Aim trying to stop him from being deleted. Orn returns back to her life and goes to visit her mom.

What happens to those who get deleted ?

Unfortunately, we don’t know what happens after one is deleted. We only know that they can come back if the person who took their photo gets deleted too.

How does Delete end?

As she looks for Too in the stables to confront him about deleting Aim, Lily stumbles upon a rather dark disturbing discovery. It seems that Too has been hiding some deadly secrets from Lily and she is shaken to her core upon realizing the truth. Too’s dad has been killing the women in their lives and hiding their bodies in a basement in the stables.

Too agrees to help him by using the phone to delete the decaying bodies and thus eradicate all evidence. At the same time, June comes across a photo of Thong on social media. It seems like Thong was a friend of Too and Lily. As Too deletes the body, we learn that one of the women in the box is Thong. However, we don’t know why she was killed and it is unclear whether her killer is Too or his dad.

As Lily hides and watches Too delete the bodies, she is mortified beyond belief. She is unable to hide properly as he shakes from fear and Too approaches her hiding spot.  The show ends with a cliffhanger as we don’t know whether Too found Lily and what happens after that.

The Episode Review

This show had so many twists and turns that managed to keep us entertained but were not all that impactful, unfortunately. The cliffhanger ending was the right decision because we now can’t wait to know the fate of Lily. It is exciting because we know that there was no flash so it is safe to assume that Too didn’t delete her yet. However, this is a big secret and will he let Lily live after everything she’s seen?

There is also a chance that he didn’t see Lily and if so, what will Lily do? The only person she can seek help from is Aim but he asked to be deleted. Will she get the phone from Too and delete him ? If she does so, then the detective will be back along with all the dead bodies Too deleted. Talk about a dilemma!

Lastly, we have the ever-curious June, will she start digging into the disappearance of Thong? It is terrifying to think of the truths she will uncover about her family once she starts investigating. Maybe, her mom suffered the same fate as Thong, will she be able to forgive her brother and father?

All in all, Delete was a great thriller and a reminder that there is nothing scarier that human beings and their dark desires. Let us know what you loved or hated about the show in the comments below. As always, we love reading your thoughts and feedback!

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  1. Good series but I just wonder with them living on a farm, why leave dead bodies in the stable? All that land on the farm and surely burying the bodies would be a better option. I hope there is a season 2 that would explain how the phone was actually made, why it works and where they go when deleted.

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