Deep_State Label – January 2020 Review

Late last year Scottish producer Grum delivered his eagerly awaited Deep State album. (You can read our review to that HERE) Combining the best of deep, melodic anthems and chunkier groovy tracks, Deep State strikes a progressive chord and acts as the perfect foundation for this talented artist to branch out and launch his new label of the same name.

This month the spotlight falls to Kane, an American producer and artist who drops the first two tracks to showcase the potential for this label in the future. The two tracks on this EP, “Days Like These” and “Forgive Me Forget You”, are tonally different but undeniably catchy, doing well to ignite fires of excitement in preparation for their release at the end of this month.

First up is “Days Like These”. Using a good amount of distortion and with some serious thumping bass drums, the synth works harmoniously alongside this, making for an impressive opening track. The longer club edit clocks in at around 6 minutes and there’s a wonderful breakdown in this one too, encouraging a solid hands-in-the-air moment before building to a big crescendo at the end.

The second track, “Forgive Me Forget You” still utilizes those same tricks of the trade – with some distortion and reverb used to add a big-room feel to proceedings – but the synth is a lot more progressive and focused this time around. Both of these tracks do feel a little similar with the instruments used but there’s a distinct techno flavour to “Forgive Me Forget You” that helps this one stand out.

Overall though, these two tracks certainly show a signal of intent from Deep_State and if this is a sign of things to come, there’s some very promising signs ahead for this progressive label.

If you’re at all interested, Kane’s EP is available on plenty of streaming platforms from January 28th 2020¬†and marks the first release on the Deep_State label.


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