Deep_State Label – February 2020 Review

Revolution – Dylhen

Deep_State continues to grow from strength to strength. Following Kane’s opening EP, featuring “Days Like These” and “Forgive Me Forget You”, Deep_State turns its attention to Dylhen, who releases his two-track EP later this month. The UK born artist joins the Deep State collective in style, fresh off being showcased on the Future Sound Of Egypt.

This release shows off the best of his sound whilst epitomising the energy this record label is pushing in the world of progressive.

First up is “Aptera”, a pulsating, progressive track inspired by this artist’s trip to its namesake in the Greek archipelago. It’s dark, reflective and builds up those minor chords beautifully to crescendo into a solid breakdown.

On the flip side, “Revolution” is Dylhen’s riff on the age-old idea that “The revolution will not be televised.” An evocative anti-establishment voice in a world drowned in talking heads, the vocal bites cut in perfectly as the frantic, frenetic energy of the bass works so well to give the track some urgency.

Dylhen’s latest EP, “Revolution” is a really solid arrival on the Deep_State label and the two tracks showcased are unique in their interpretation of the progressive scene. “Revolution” will undoubtedly be remembered for its vocal snippets, with the darker tone and fast tempo working really well to give this track some bite. By contrast, “Aptera” is a lot more direct and synth-driven in its mission, which allows both tracks to stand out.

“Revolution” is available on plenty of streaming platforms from February 25th 2020 and marks the second release on the Deep_State label.

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