Deep Night – Season 1 Review Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Deep Night Episode 7 kicks off with the social media influencer, Rose (from Ep 2), posting her threatened story about Deep Night and revealing Wela’s face. Immediately, customers at the restaurant ask Wela’s mother about it.

At the club, Khem proposes a free event to regain customers and restore faith in the venue. He’ll particularly invite the haters and people who misunderstand what they do to try and change their minds with a fun experience and impress them with their professionalism.

While the others celebrate Khem’s idea, Wela receives a text that gives him pause. He meets his mother who, disappointed, asks about his job. He says he does it to pay off his father’s debt but that it’s also a proper profession. She notes the university called to warn about his scholarship.

Khem declares the theme of the event will be comforting, like a deep night. Di believes that Khem has finally found passion in his work, exactly what Freya has been awaiting.

Seji calls Japan his boyfriend as the two flirt with each other, making time for a cuddle in between setting up for the evening. Seji does, in fact, have a sore shoulder and Ken worries about his health. He takes the opportunity to explain to Ken about Japan.

Tears in his eyes, Wela keeps thinking about his mother’s disappointment. Khem tries to comfort him, listening about the troubles with his mom and scholarship. Wela believes no matter how good the promo event is, society will continue to misunderstand them and Deep Night. He shows the SM post to Khem who promises his support.

At school, Wela is feeling the object of gossip as students film him and make remarks. Having viewed the influencer post, Khem tries to convince their professor to protect Wela’s scholarship. The teacher says that Khem is being reviewed as well, but it’s different because it’s his family business while Wela chooses to work there. Khem invites the professor to the event to try to convince him.

At Deep Night, everyone’s getting ready, tidying, decorating and practicing their acts. Freya is impressed with Khem’s preparations. However, she inadvertently insults Meiji when the guys note how cute they are together.

Seji and Japan find time to canoodle and kiss, but the whole team spots and teases them. Among the others, Ken gracefully wishes them well and Khem helps smooth things, diverting everyone else from Ken.

Japan worries at the situation, overthinking and Khem tries to cheer him up. He suggests Japan consider a video that looks a bit like a threesome. Japan fantasizes a scenario with Seji touching him and Ken joining in.

In the office, Meiji sulks asking Freya about their relationship but is disappointed to be friend-zoned. Freya uses age as an excuse but then confesses she’s worried about Khem’s reaction. Saddened, Meiji heads out.

Khem begs Wela to teach him aerial work so they start with a warm-up. Worried about Wela’s arm, Khem continues to try and distract him from rehearsing. Instead, they take a break to feed each other noodles, happy to be together.

Freya asks Khem about Wela, who says they’re happy. He wishes she had someone to love as well, so she broaches the subject. Khem is very open to her having a relationship at her age, even if it’s a woman. Not that she’s saying that.

Khem takes Wela home by taxi while Japan waits for Seji who’s drinking alone. Separately, Ken’s moping. Great is drinking by himself while James sits listening to music and pondering. Freya’s in her office in tears. It’s been an emotional day for everyone.

Wela’s mom walks in on Khem giving him a chaste goodnight kiss. But it’s not what she was expecting to see. She questions him about Wela’s job and he admits it’s his family business. She wants Wela to quit and Wela overhears as Khem explains that Wela is #1 and invites his mom to the club event. Afterwards Wela thanks Khem, happy to have his mother see him perform. Then he bundles Khem off into a taxi.

The Episode Review

It’s the penultimate episode leading us straight to a win-or-lose finale-style event at the club. It’s also been filled with mixed emotions as everyone worries over someone or something as we wind the story down. Think the drama dare try to create a happy ending for everyone?

Of course, there’s lots of couple time in between to lift the mood, including that little fantasy of Japan’s. Were you surprised that he of all the guys at Deep Night would have that thought? Of course, it’s naughty Khem who’s previously engaged in a little bondage with his boyf, who got him there…

Meanwhile, speaking of Khem. Duh. What kind of hypocrite would he be if he weren’t happy to see his mother with a same-sex partner or any partner? But of course, as we’ve learned over the course of 7 episodes, he’s not that kind of a guy. His mother should trust him a bit more as, if anything, he knows how to roll with the punches.

Now that we have a little time to consider the finale next week, what do we predict for the big show? Surely not just balloon letters and new dance mixes… let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section below. All bragging rights if you come up with a close-enough scenario!


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