Dee & Friends in Oz – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Dee and the Magical Gemstone

Dee & Friends in Oz Episode 3 begins with Dee writing a story while Grandma carries heavy books. Grandma calls out for help, but Dee is too busy, and Grandma ends up dropping the books. She scolds Dee, but Dee apologizes instantly, claiming Grandma deserves respect. Grandma explains that everyone deserves respect, including Dee.

De then enters Oz. On her way to school, she finds a gemstone that changes color depending on her mood. Reaching school, she shows it to her friends. Lion scotches the gemstone from Dee’s hand, angering her. The gemstone turns red, and she explains that it reflects her frustration. The friend apologizes, making her happy once again.

On arrival, the teacher tells them about the four missing gemstones and explains that this is one of them. She explains that they need to find all four of them to complete the Gemstone Loop, a magical transportation system to connect all of Oz. The teacher decides to make a machine to control the gemstone’s powers.

Mr. Stuffley searches for the gemstone and plots to take it from the kids. Mr. Stuffley Bear arrives there and realizes it will be difficult to take the gemstone while the kids are protecting it, but soon notices they are fighting over it. The gemstone accidentally slips out of their hands, and Mr. Stuffley catches it.

Mr. Stuffley ends up taking it and flying away. The kids follow him into an ice cave. They are unable to walk on the ice and begin to come up with ways to get through the passage. Everyone disregards what Dee is saying while they give their ideas. Dee stressed respecting each other. The lion has the idea to roar and collapses the floor around them, leaving them stuck. Dee emphasizes being patient and working together.

They then devise an idea to knock down the icicles to fill the gaps and cross to the other end. Mr. Stuffley plans to use the gemstone to take all the magic from Oz. The kids arrive at Mr. Stuffley’s and make a plan to steal the egg.

They work together to secretly retrieve the gemstone and take it back to the Oz School. They then insert the gemstone into the gemstone machine prepared by the teacher. They decide to set out to find the rest of the gemstones at the end of Dee & Friends in Oz Episode 3.

The Episode Review

Dee & Friends in Oz Episode 3 brings many interesting developments to the story and also teaches an important lesson to young kids. Dee and her friends learn about gemstones and set a goal to find all four of them. We are introduced to a new character, Mr. Stuffley who is an antagonist after the Gemstones.

The kids learn about respecting each other and listening to what others have to say. It also implies that by listening, we gain another perspective and act accordingly.

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