Debris – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

You Can Call Her Caroline

Episode 7 of Debris begins with time suddenly freezing. With everyone stuck in place, a woman named Linda approaches a guy called Luke sat on a bench. He hands over his bag against his will, brandishing a gun from his jacket and pointing it at his temple. Squeezing the trigger, a gunshot signifies Luke’s death.

Meanwhile, Bryan arrives at HQ and speaks to Maddox. They intend to interrogate Anson Ash, which is the identity for the Influx man they’re holding in detainment.

Bryan meanwhile is tasked with heading off to Maine, partly thanks to Anson’s phone blinking from a caller ID there. It’ll either be Influx or the Debris…perhaps even both. Either way, Bryan is going.

With his main man gone, Maddox heads in and begins torturing Anson. The men slice his skull slightly and place a strange metallic shard there, hooking it up to a machine where they shock him into submission. Somehow they manage to see what’s inside his mind’s eye, courtesy of a TV monitor. This seems to be how they’re going to find George Jones.

Funnily enough, Finola receives the same briefing and jumps on the jet with Bryan, who admits he’s told Craig the truth. Finola isn’t exactly thrilled but they eventually arrive and begin digging into the case.

It’s a strange one, especially when they find out Linda – the woman who took the bag – can’t actually remember anything when she was picked up six miles from the scene of the crime.

Checking out family ties inevitably brings them to Luke, Liam’s brother. He claims Liam found several shards of debris and was going to sell it off to the black market. He was en-route to a trade-off before all this happened, which seems to hint that the bag has those very same pieces inside.

On their way out the estate, Finola suddenly starts acting erratically when they head near the marshes. She breathes heavily, allegedly hearing a whisper in her ear telling her to leave. In the car, she deliberates over exactly what this means.

Well, it eventually sees them head up to visit Liam’s ex wife. They’d been divorced for two years and there’s definitely some bad blood between them. They fought hard for custody… but now she’s given up. As she sits, looking forward entranced, she tells them Caroline belongs at the marsh.

Caroline seems to have some sort of connection with the debris too. As she sits in the pond, tiny shards under the water begin floating toward her. Hurrying off, she makes her way back into the house. Finola and Bryan charge back around the same time, where they find her by the TV. At least to begin with anyway.

It doesn’t take long before Finola notices Caroline acting strangely. She takes off in search of the girl, who happens to be by the marsh staring at men and women in hazmat suits. Only a few of them though, which is pretty funny because the other half aren’t. Anyway, Finola learns that the debris pieces seems to be calling Caroline which is why she’s there.

Back inside the house, Bryan uncovers some concerning news of his own. He notices Liam’s bag sitting on the table in the background. While he sits with Luke, seemingly trying not to cry (honestly, is it just me or does Bryan constantly look like he’s trying not to cry?), Luke reveals that he wants revenge against the Air Force for what happened to his unit overseas.

He’s using Caroline to try and find more pieces of the debris. Luke rejects Bryan’s plea to allow him to help, and instead narrows his gaze. He tells Bryan to find his partner, prompting him to head out with Finola and take off from the estate.

Luke is out of his mind and alone with Caroline, demands she open up and tell him where the pieces of debris are. Eventually he heads into the shed and finds a whole stack of identical looking pieces.

As Bryan and Finola make it back to base, they suddenly realize they’ve been brainwashed and start to come to – at least after Bryan tells them that “she belongs there.”

In the distance, a plane suddenly careers off track and crashes When it does, the officers take off while Luke, holding the bag of debris shards, begins turning the officers against themselves. Bryan fights off the urge to kill himself, eventually leading to Caroline showing and using the debris pieces to slam Luke’s head full-force into a shard piece.

With everything resolved for now, Caroline’s Mother shows up to take her daughter home, apologizing for what happened.

Just like that, Finola’s sister Dee rings and tells her she needs to head home. She feels like she’s relapsing and needs Finola with her. Unfortunately she’s also being manipulated by Priya Ferris. Using the codeword from their childhood, Finola senses something is up. However, Bryan suddenly turns around and reveals that they’ve found George

The Episode Review

Debris returns this week with an intriguing case, one that sees the debris piece serve as a mind control agent. Quite how and why these pieces are actually acting this way though remains a mystery.

It’s clear the show is using this hook to full effect, bringing in a simple case-of-the-week format to drip-feed answers. There is still a conspiracy and a larger story at play, but for most of this first half that’s been sidelined for these different episodes.

The show has, so far at least, been a bit of a mixed bag too. Some of the melodrama hasn’t really worked while the show continues to struggle to stand out and carve a unique slice of the sci-fi piece.

Instead, what we’ve got is a decent enough series but also one that needs to do something pretty amazing to stand out in this crowded field. So far this hasn’t quite happened.

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