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Death and Other Details Episode 3 begins two days before the murder, the day the Varuna set sail. Keith Trubitsky (Danny in disguise) approaches the lawyer, Llewellyn, and learns that the bunch of suitcases he’s assembling has all the documents on the Collier’s business.

At present, agent Hilde Erikson examines Danny’s dead body along with Rufus. She concludes that it wasn’t planned but was the result of an escalated conflict. Meanwhile, Imogene comes to Anna’s room as Leila leaves. Anna is frustrated because the deal is about to fall through. She speaks with Mrs. Chun and tries to convince her to keep the deal on. She gives Anna 24 hours to prove her family’s good intentions.

Teddy speaks with a bunch of the staff, most of whom are from her family. She tells them to cooperate with the investigators but they are irked that the staff and people of colour like them are always suspected. Elsewhere, Jules and Sunil have an argument. Jules wants to dock the ship while Sunil doesn’t.

At the crime scene, Rufus tells Hilde about Danny’s missing brown notebook. Hilde notices the broken wristwatch and concludes that the person who broke it also killed Danny. Later, Rufus conveys this to Imogene who says they need to find Danny’s killer before Hilde suspects her.

Anna calls Teddy and asks her to bring the Collier files over. Imogene follows Teddy to Sunil’s locked office. Teddy then gets a phone call which pulls her out of the room last minute and Imogene is able to enter before the door shuts.

On the deck, Alexandra speaks with Father Toby and tells him she thinks something weird is going on. She says she was the one who sent the bar cart to Danny’s room but it was done at the request of a financial donor to her campaign. Father Toby knows who made the request but does not confirm whether it was Lawrence Collier or not.

Unfortunately for Imogene, Teddy and Sunil catch her trying to break into his safe. Imogene tells Sunil that the killer knew something on those documents. She reveals the connection to her mother and convinces Sunil to look at the documents with her.

Anna tells Teddy to come to a family meeting and realises he’s fallen off the bandwagon again. She keeps trying to call Llewellyn but he doesn’t pick up. Meanwhile, Jules lets Hilde and Rufus into the security room. Hilde reveals that she knows Jules never clocked in to work at the security room. When he lies about being sick and in bed all night, she seems cynical and promises to interrogate all his staff.

Anna can’t seem to find her wife and then comes across Eleanor. Eleanor admits she never liked Leila for Anna. Anna recalls how Eleanor left her when they were dating, despite the fact that Anna was willing to do anything for her. Now, it’s too late.  

Sunil does open the safe for Imogene and the papers reveal that the Colliers are indeed broke. The company seems to have gotten into trouble two years before. While having lunch with Hilde, Rufus receives a drink from the barman with a small paper attached to it. After lunch, the detectives split ways and Rufus follows the note to meet with Imogene.

He goes through the Collier documents with Sunil and Imogene. They find a bill of lading for two tons of Captionem Blue. Rufus says it’s a pigment that was banned due to its harmful effects on people’s health.

Anna then calls Imogene, still frustrated about the deal with the Chuns. Imogene tells Rufus that the case must be connected with the pigment but Rufus says she’s blinded by her need for everything to be connected with her mother’s case.

Anna goes looking for her mother and finds Katherine having sex with Father Toby. Toby is worried Anna will tell on them but Katherine says she knows how to keep a secret.

While sitting at the bar, Imogene sees Leila arrive and pick up a knife as she walks. A flashback to four months ago shows Imogene and Anna talking about how Anna is doing business with Eleanor, who’s her ex. The topic moves on to Leila and Anna tells Imogene that Leila sleeps with a knife under the bed. At present, Imogene follows Leila and sees her collect some rope and duct tape. She keeps following her until she suddenly comes to a dead end with Leila nowhere to be found.

Anna meets her father and tells him they have one last chance with the Chuns. They shift blame from one to the other regarding their company’s dismal situation. Hilde, along with Rufus, begins to search the staff’s quarters. Jules is not there for the search, which is odd since he was told to be there.

Hilde starts with his room. They find a photograph of Jules with a twin brother and another woman. Rufus then finds a hidden but empty compartment in the bed’s mattress. He also finds a mystery book that belongs to Simon, but Simon claims Jules simply borrowed it.  

Imogene is still at the dead-ended passageway, wondering where Leila could have disappeared. She finds a small hole in the wall and a hidden door opens when she uses her earring to press it. Meanwhile, Anna brings the suitcases full of Collier documents and arrives to meet the Chuns.

Hilde and Rufus then examine Simon’s room where they find a history book that stands out from his mystery collection. It belonged to Jules. Inside, the detectives find a bunch of passports and money. Jules Toussaint was an alias and the man actually has a long rap sheet.

Simultaneously, Imogene is sneaking down the hidden passageway. Just as Rufus claims they all underestimated Jules, the man himself jumps out at Imogene and tells her she shouldn’t have come this way at the end of Death and Other Details Episode 3.

The Episode Review

Death and Other Details continues to lay out a maze of a mystery but the sprawling nature of it somehow dilutes the core intrigue of the show. It is fascinating to see each character’s secrets — Jules being an imposter and Katherine’s steamy affair with the priest are all enjoyably dramatic details. However, the central mystery lacks a certain pull.

A mystery on a ship such as this one is exciting by virtue of its limited nature. By there being only a certain number of people and methods for the crime to have taken place. By linking it to Imogene’s mother’s death, the mystery seeps out of these confines and the alluring enigma of a murder on a boat goes to waste.

Additionally, it is hard to feel emotionally connected to Imogene in Death and Other Details Episode 3. Violett Beane is doing a good job of being an amateur sleuth but her emotional side stays out of reach. Why is she so comfortable spying on the people she grew up with? Shouldn’t the Colliers feel like family? The emotional dissonance makes it difficult to be more invested in her journey.

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