Dearest – Retrograde | Album Review

Track Listing

I’m Thinking of Ending Things
Distract Me


Purposefully pulling at the heartstrings, Retrograde by Dearest is an impactful album, a record evolving on every listen, and its lyrical content cuts deep. This band certainly knows they have the words to tell insightful stories. They do so on this release too, channeling their anger and their hopes and dreams, but nothing is easy when the world is in such a mess. Love tries to trigger hope here, but there is a lack of light.

The band doesn’t wallow; they stand against the storm of pain, trying their best through their music to be happier. The screams on this record show their desire to focus on their craft and their own world, while everything around them begins to decay. Of course, the act doesn’t want to see the flowers warp or the architecture crumble, they just want to feel safe and sound. Every lyric means something on this album. Every riff has purpose, and the drama has significance.

‘Corrode’ starts the record off in a loud fashion, and the vocals soar, detailing trapped dreams and lost youth. That chorus bursts in and gels the song together perfectly.

‘I’m Thinking Of Ending Things’ embarks on being a riff infused colossus, and it meets expectations. It’s a rock triumph, with sincere lyricism and fast-paced vocal work.

Closing the album out is ‘Retrograde’, which has a slow start but develops. The riff is pleasing and technical, and the story keeps on delivering anecdotes conveying distrust.

Dearest does well here to tell us their story, and it’s an engaging and plot-fueled romp well worth a listen.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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