Dear Edward – Season 1 Episode 6 “Truth” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Dear Edward begins with Deedee working through her finances. Naturally, she takes several breaks to smash the wall in with a hammer. When she shows up at group, she finds Steve asleep on the floor, sporting a black eye. He got into a bar fight so she takes him under her wing and tries to help him.

Meanwhile, Eddie and Shay meet Marina and sneak into the museum. She admits she was confused, because she happens to be Jordan’s boyfriend. She used to come to the museum with him all the time. He also used to talk about Eddie to her a lot, but he longed to have a life of his own.

Specifically, Jordan wanted to find out where Eddie ended and Jordan began. That also explains why he didn’t want to be home-schooled too.

Eddie’s chat with Marina doesn’t go down well with Shay though, who’s sidelined in favour of him trying to get answers. Not only that, but delaying lunch and talking about Marina outside is enough for Shay to call him an asshole and leave. I mean, it’s hardly surprising given he left her in the gift shop for 72 minutes!

Adriana and Kojo continue to get along well, with Becks preparing for her play. Adriana has her big campaign coming up but she promises to be there for her. Koji is concerned though and tells her to stay away in private. After all, they’ll be going to Ghana soon and perhaps she shouldn’t be so attached to Becks.

After the show, Adriana speaks to Kojo but he’s already got his papers fast-tracked thanks to Eric, with a ticket back to Ghana. Before they part ways, Adriana pulls him in close and they begin kissing.

Adriana attends a fundraiser that night, doing the rounds and managing to work the room well. Eric points out that she’s built for this life and contemplates what their life may have together. Well, Adriana doesn’t break her promise to Becks and shows up to see her show.

Sam is going through the wars too and eventually opens up to Lacey and admits that he and Ben were more than friends. He met Sienna after and it was much “simpler”, but he’s been keeping his emotions in check since. However, that’s something made all the harder when he meets (and begins flirting with) his friend from school.

When they hang up, Lacey points out the letters from Marina they’ve been keeping from Eddie. It’s all too much for John though, who returns from his trip to Colorado and decides to skip out and leave for the night. Part of that comes from Linda, who’s now staying with them for the time being. She’s another from group that’s struggling.

That night, Eddie phones Marina and points out how important Jordan was to him and what happened on the plane. Forced to relive that encounter again, Eddie hangs up and struggles to deal with his grief.

The Episode Review

Dear Edward returns this week and continues with more of the same. We’ve said before in previous recaps for an array of different AppleTV series that these stories are dragged out unnecessarily and this episode is the perfect example of that.

Eddie continues to struggle and speaks to Marina about Jordan; Adriana keeps her promise to Becks and is conflicted over her future; Deedee is still angry but talks to Steve; Sam is confused over his identity. That’s it. At times the show feels like it’s dragging its heels without much in the way of an identity beyond characters working through grief. Hopefully the episodes ahead pick things up.

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