Dealer – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review


Episode 9 of Dealer begins with Moussa and Tony preparing for battle. With the camera still filming on his chest, we see a point of view shot of Tony heading into Steve’s territory. The pair burst in through the doors and confront the man.

They immediately hold him up at gunpoint as we see a point of view shot of Steve being beaten down to the ground. Steve mentions Kylian and the camera, claiming he beat him down because he was filming. For now, Tony decides against killing him and uses him as a human shield.

Gunshots rain down in the apartment building as Moussa and Tony fight their way out with Steve kept as a hostage. Eventually they make it to their car, scrambling inside as the windscreen bursts; gunshots continue to rain down around them.

Franck and Thomas meanwhile, find themselves reeling over the camera situation and worry that this could backfire. With Tony en-route, things don’t look good as they scramble for a solution.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode to Dealer is easily the best of the season. This 10 minute segment really helps elevate what’s otherwise been a turbulent season, delivering some compelling drama at the same time as showcasing decent action. There’s a lot going on here too and some of the camera shots are actually pretty good.

With Steve now held captive and Tony heading back to Franck and Thomas, things do not look good for our protagonists. All of this is building up to deliver a bombastic finale to come. Will Franck and Thomas get out of this alive? Only time will tell…

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