Dealer – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Blow by Blow

Episode 2 of Dealer picks up after the gunfire that greeted us at the end of the last episode. Tony marches inside his apartment building as we hear that these shady men killed a guy called Nasser earlier in the week.

There’s trouble in paradise though, as Tony is questioned over his priorities with the gang. With an imminent war on the horizon, Tony is busy doing his music video and that doesn’t sit well with a lot of his men, especially Moussa.

With Thomas filming the entire time, Tony spends his time in the studio rapping and perfecting his song. Franck receives a call from Bruno though, his boss, whom he talks to about his time in the hood and how crazy it’s been thus far.

Bruno tells him to calm down and reminds the man that they need hard hitting shots. If he can do this, then Bruno will greenlight his film project. This helps to explain Franck’s motivation for doing this.

After the studio session, Tony comes under fire from his sister, Jess, who worries about Kylian being put in danger. Tony tries to reassure her but it’s clear that there’s tensions between them.

Tony heads in to see Moussa’s Mother next. Here, we learn about Tony’s background before she encourages him to sing in front of everyone, excitedly mentioning The Voice.

In the midst of this, we also find out that a man named Steve was the one who fired the gunshots last episode. This brings Franck outside to follow Tony, who encourages him to use a spy camera to shoot the upcoming meeting discretely.

The Episode Review

After the first episode, Dealer slows down a bit as we learn more about Tony and his family set up. The gang clearly have their own thoughts about him and there’s definitely trouble brewing between them all.

Franck has been unwittingly pulled along for the ride thus far, and you can already tell  that he’s not exactly enthralled about the idea of following this drug dealer.

On top of that though, we also get an introduction to various other characters, including Kylian, Jess and Moussa, which paves the way for more character relations in the upcoming episodes.

So far this one has been pretty hit or miss so let’s hope this steps out of mediocrity in the near future.

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