Dealer – Season 1 Episode 10 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

Big Shot

Episode 10 of Dealer begins with Franck and Thomas deciding to try and make it out the apartment building without being spotted. With men everywhere, the duo breathe heavily and try to evade the lookouts. That’s obviously easier said than done, especially with motorcycles buzzing around.

Frack eventually loses his cool and rushes to his car. Just as he and Thomas look set to take off, someone ploughs into the back of them and knocks the pair out.

Franck and Thomas are in a bad spot, captured and held up at gunpoint as Tony shows and confronts the pair.

Franck apologizes for what happened and blames the label, claiming it’s on them. They’re the ones who wanted the shots after all.

Moussa has enough and points a gun at Franck himself. Tony stops him from shooting though, especially given this whole incident is being filmed, and it eventually leads to Steve taking his chances and shooting Moussa dead.

Suddenly, all hell breaks loose as gunshots rain down all around. Tony and Steve’s gangs start fighting as Thomas and Franck make a run for it.

Thomas is shot though, prompting Franck to head back and grab the camera, rather than his friend. He takes off and hides out in the hallway, cutting back to those moments in the first episode. Thomas sobs, apologizing to Tony for what happened, as Franck’s camera dies.

Sirens wail as Franck leaves the camera and makes a run for it.

The Episode Review

Episode 10 of Dealer finishes this artistic series with Franck on the run and multiple casualties in his wake. It’s still unknown whether Kylian will be okay while Tony and Steve’s gangs go to war with no resolution in sight for now.

Steve winds up dead too while Thomas is presumed to be dead but it’s still unknown whether he really is or not.

Either way, the ending feels quite reminiscent of other found footage projects, leaving the door wide open with ambiguity rather than a conclusive note.

Still, as a unique project Dealer does quite a good job showing the turbulent nature of the drug trade, even if it does include a fair amount of filler along the way.

Instead of the partying, drinking and rapping montages, it would have been nice to see a bit more of Thomas and Franck’s background, especially to make Thomas’ presumed death more powerful.

Either way though, Dealer ends on a relatively good note, with a solid finale to round out this topsy-turvy season. It won’t be for everyone but if you’re a fan of found footage projects, this one isn’t too bad.

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