Dead to Me – Season 3 Episode 8 “We’ll Find a Way” Recap & Review

We’ll Find a Way

Judy has a spiritual retreat at Kalina’s house during episode 8 of Dead to Me season 3, as Jen confronts Perez at the station for arresting Ben. Her emotional outburst is handled quite maturely by Perez but everything has a tipping point. Will this turn into a rivalry?

Judy has to get her follow-up scans that day and they will determine the course of her life. She does not take the call and even ditches the “treatment” after being stuck in the head with a pin by Kalina. Perez takes Jen outside and calms her down. She says that Ben will be out in no time on bail and that Jen needs to be on her toes as the FBI found DNA on Steve’s body.

She spirals for a bit and Perez abandons her too. Jen is on her own now. She talks about giving herself up and maybe killing Moranis to let Judy off the hook. While she talks about a vacation, Jen talks about responsibilities. At the open house, we see Karen breaking down in front of Jen but she authoritatively shoos her away, while trying to hide her pregnancy. Judy puts on a hat to cover her emerging bald spots.

Jen finds Moranis is interested in buying the house. She suspects that are his veiled intentions and it turns out to be true. He questions her about Steve and when she gets stuck, Judy saves the day by intervening and doing exactly the right thing. She explains their alibi as a girls’ weekend away from town. They even implicate Jeff in the lie to make it look stronger and then go to his RV later to inform him of their story. Because they covered for him with Karen, he agrees.

Jen gets paranoid that Moranis is looking for her DNA but Judy calms her down. Jeff also revealed that he did not delete the CCTV footage that Jen asked him to which showed Steve coming to her house that night. So, the next move is to go to Karen’s and clear the cloud so that there is no evidence left. They manage to do so and even take away her hard disk which has a backup. Jen scolds Judy for not following up with the scans and Judy admits she is scared they will not turn out to be good. Jen calms her down and even signs her up for a clinical trial for an experimental drug at a place. Judy does not know about this.

Karen shows up late at night and says she found something upsetting in the footage. To Jen’s absolute horror, it is agent Moranis taking out some of Jen’s trash, possibly to test her DNA against the one found on Steve’s body. The next morning, Judy goes for her scans and Jen shows up at Moranis’ motel with scones. Will she kill him?

The Episode Review

Episode 8 felt quite a bit in haste. It was almost like Feldman and co were just getting this one over with to settle on a tone for the big send-off near the end. Story-wise, this season has been light on the introduction of external elements but more on constructing those already defining it. Most prominently, the Jen & Jude vibe has been dominant, and understandably so.

Agent Moranis turns out to be a fox in hiding. His stealth mode saw him procure Jen’s DNA and prove his MVP billing. It is unfair to such an interesting character like him that he does not get enough minutes. He is only used sparingly in a guest-like role and perhaps would have been more effective in a full-blown characterization.

Anyway, the important take-away from this episode is that Judy might still have hopes of a recovery, and Jen’s lies are catching up to her.

They are barely surviving but doing everything together, which is the underlying intention. And no, it is highly unlikely that Jen will act on her words of “poisoning” Moranis. She surely can’t, right?

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