Dead to Me – Season 3 Episode 4 “Where Do We Go Now?” Recap & Review

Where Do We Go Now?

Judy visits Dr. Ashmani for further directions on the treatment at the start of episode 4 for Dead to Me season 3. Ashmani reveals that they cannot perform surgery on Judy. She must go through chemotherapy in hopes that the tumor can be metastasized and then have another round if it is successful.

The first round of chemo will take three months. Judy goes with Jen to Steve’s funeral. Judy had lied to Jen saying she is going to get her car fixed. They decide not to prolong their stay at the funeral to avoid things getting awkward. But eventually, they are drawn into the maelstrom. Judy, though, is able to get away but Jen is caught. And she must stay.

Quite surprisingly, the casket does not have a body. Lorna informs the duo that the FBI is scrubbing the body for evidence. Eileen thanks Jen for the other day. She asks her to stay for Ben’s sake, as he is feeling isolated and is heartbroken. She reluctantly agrees to go back to their home. Judy reports back to work and takes a patient out for a walk, even when the attending nurse says the patient cannot go out. Jen goes to the Woods’ house, a lavish bungalow that is way too much for three people. After avoiding the interests of Ben’s perverted father, Jen loses her way into the house.

She gets stuck in what seems like a “twin dolls’ house” and she calls Ben for aid. The woman Judy took out was Michelle’s mother and Judy is fired for being irresponsible with her, despite her claiming it was the best day of her life in a while. Michelle stops Judy from leaving as she admits her mother looked happy. They make amends and have a drink together. Ben confirms the theory that the parents got twin dolls for the room when they had Ben and Steve. Ben emotionally admits the entire ordeal has been really tough on him and Jen provides him support.

Jen says she has the perfect ailment for Ben’s sadness – heavy death metal. Ben is confused and bemused, as an eager to impress Jen presses him to like it. He barely does and Jen says that is how she was able to evade her grief. He chooses a song of his own, whose lyrics bemoan for a response from Jen about why she abandoned Ben after kissing him. Michelle talks about going to Sono to open a restaurant but cannot leave her mother.

One thing leads to another and the two end up sleeping together. Jen finally confronts the elephant in the room. But Ben has an even bigger secret. He confesses to Jen about the hit-and-run. He explains it as his drinking problem. Ben had just learned the news about Steve and kept drinking all night. She kisses him when he says he understands if she does not want to see him anymore and they have sex in the car. Judy tells Michelle about her illness but by the time she does, Michelle is fast asleep.

The Episode Review

The hit-and-run cycle has finally come full circle. The dynamics of fate’s revenge show that Jen has to live and endure a tougher time living with the truth that she killed someone than Steve, who just fell dead. Even more so, having to lie to his brother Ben (who looks exactly like Steve) and falling for him. Life is indeed unfair and so darkly funny at times.

This episode saw both the ladies reignite lost loves in their lives. That part of the storytelling was somewhere in between the lines in this season but episode 4 brought that out. What this night of passion will eventually lead to is anyone’s guess.

The volatility of emotions for this quartet is something that can get in the way and leave them with broken hearts. But for now, the sob tale has taken a pause and love is in the air.

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