Dead Ringers – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

A Week in the Life Of

Episode 4 of Dead Ringers begins with a young couple who have just found out they’re pregnant and are ecstatic. As we soon find out, they’re the twins’ parents.

In the present, on a Monday, the old couple come to visit their birthing centre and are suitably impressed. They realise something’s off about Elliot and Beverly’s relationship with her mother has a tense undertone.

Beverly gets the parents, Linda and Alan, home and introduces them to Greta. Linda confuses her with Genevieve. The parents mention they haven’t seen their daughters for four years. Genevieve arrives with flowers and introduces herself.

Greta unpacks a bag, goes through the medicine and picks up a dress that she smells and holds close, smiling. While this occurs, the parents have dinner with Beverly and Genevieve. Meanwhile, Greta makes a portrait of Linda on a mirror and later that night, Linda sees it.

While Elliot begs for forgiveness at a church, Genevieve tells Beverly her father’s like a readymade grandpa.

In their bedroom, Linda and Alan complain about being made to go to bed by Beverly, who kept insisting they should rest. As they lie in bed, Beverly hopes their baby is more like Genevieve than Beverly, as she’s happy about growing their family.

Elliot comes home and curls up outside Beverly’s door. Beverly opens it and proceeds to help Elliot wash up. Later, in bed, Elliot confesses to Beverly about killing the woman, and she reveals that it wasn’t a dream.

At the support group, Beverly describes swimming in the sea with her sister when she got lost. Ever since then she’s been struggling.

We then flashback to a young Linda and Alan. Linda lies in bed with her eyes open while Alan awakens when the babies start crying and soothes them.

On Tuesday, Genevieve is showering when Elliot suddenly turns up inside. Angrily leaving the house, Genevieve reminds Beverly they’re having a baby and things like this can’t go on.

Alan and Linda are reading when Beverly arrives, covered in blood. She, however, is really happy with how this woman’s birth went.

Later, the twins and the parents watch one of Genevieve’s movies. Genevieve enters the apartment as Linda praises her. Linda wonders what it’s like to step into another identity and all the praising ticks Elliot off.

Elliot watches TV in her room when she hears something. She steps out and hears about Beverly speak about having another miscarriage. Elliot learns they did an IUI instead of IVF. She says a quick prayer and then does a check-up for Beverly. They all hear a heartbeat. Beverly and Genevieve thank her. Elliot leaves the room, sits down in her wardrobe and stuffs her mouth with cloth to mask the sound of her screams.

Back in the past, Linda enters the kitchen to see the twins. One of them bangs a plate. Their noises along with the whistling kettle seems to overwhelm her.

On Wednesday, Beverly comes out of her room in the morning and asks Elliot if she’s okay. She says she’s fantastic but looks quite otherwise. When Linda makes a comment about the twins, Beverly asks her to shut up and then immediately apologises.

In the lift, Beverly apologises to Elliot who pretends she isn’t upset. In the lab, Elliot looks at the embryo in the incubator and asks who will want it now.

At the support group, Beverly talks about telling her ‘dead’ sister Elliot about the baby and seeing her disappointment. She wants to be a whole person but she misses her sister.

Elliot is praying at church again when a man comes up to her and asks if she feels any better. He says he thinks he’ll feel at peace if he keeps coming back. He tells Elliot about his kids and opens up about being a terrible husband. They end up going back to her place for sex.

On Thursday morning, the man leaves the apartment and Greta joins him in the lift. He tries making small talk and she puts a stop to it.

On Friday, Beverly tells Genevieve on a phone call that she misses her. Staying at home feels suffocating while the idea of moving into a new place with Genevieve sounds better.

Linda decides to make cakes for the twins’ birthday the next day and Greta offers to help. While at their usual restaurant, Elliot asks Beverly if she’s trying to get rid of the baby but Beverly, in turn, asks if Elliot’s prayed away all her guilt.

Elliot barges into Beverly and Genevieve’s bathroom and asks them when they’re going to tell the parents about the baby. She frantically talks about how exciting the baby is, and asks about the father. Genevieve says the sperm is Sammy’s.

When Elliot asks what they’ll name the baby, Genevieve draws a boundary again. She even tells Elliot about the house she and Beverly are going to move into. An upset Elliot climbs into her parents’ bed and hugs her father.

In their bed, Genevieve tells Beverly she got the part she auditioned for and we then go back to the first scene where young Linda and Alan are really excited about being pregnant.

On Saturday,  the twins’ birthday, they cut cakes. Linda tells Genevieve that, at birth, Elliot came out first. She calls Elliot ‘Ello’ and Beverly the ‘General’. The conversation goes on. Linda keeps asking Greta to join them and Beverly curtly tells her mother to stop. Elliot openly tells the politician that they should get a house and have babies.

Genevieve’s reaction sets Elliot off and she says the couple are only together because of her. Genevieve wants an explanation but Beverly masks it by harping on a comment made by Joseph and insulting him. He gets up and leaves as Genevieve keeps asking what Elliot meant.

Elliot goes on a rant about how her entire life has been dedicated to Beverly. When she reveals their pregnancy, Linda gets angry at Beverly for hiding it but Beverly she want her motherly advice. Elliot finally reveals to Genevieve that it was her at the bar the day they kissed, while Alan shouts for both the girls to stop. Genevieve gets up and leaves as well.

A flashback shows Linda left the house with a note for Alan, saying she can’t do this. She doesn’t want the kids and they don’t want her; she can’t be a mother. She walks out in the rain but Alan drives up to her and says he will help.

Back in the present, Linda tells Beverly how motherhood was hard for her as well. She ends by saying Beverly’s going to be a terrible mother. In the cab on the way home, Linda finds a drawing in her passport and it happens to be a portrait of herself, made with crayons.

Tom finds out Elliot’s grown a 58-day-old embryo and freaks out about how illegal it is. He asks why she did it and she says it’s because she loves Beverly. As the episode closes out, Beverly conducts a sonography on herself and finds she’s having twins.

The Episode Review

Dead Ringers continues to be absolutely fascinating. This episode was almost entirely character driven and even more compelling for it. Whether it’s Elliot’s downward spiral and the way she grasps at controlling Beverly’s life or how Beverly’s ordinariness is offset by her obvious issues with her mother and those support group sessions.

Seeing flashbacks of Linda and Alan were good but the day-wise format of the episode is what really made it interesting. The episode was clearly building up to something and that dinner table scene was one of the show’s best so far. The overlapping conversation, the crisp dialogues, the editing and the chaos of it all was executed really well. Overall, this show continues to impress.

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