Dead Ringers – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Pushed to the Brink

When Beverly and Genevieve are asleep in bed together, episode 3 of Dead Ringers sees Elliot come in and whisper to Beverly, asking what Genevieve’s like.

We then see something that looks like a small pink embryo growing into a foetus. Elliot looks at something through a microscope and curses out loud.

Tom and Elliot arrive at the party for the opening of their clinic and Tom realises she’s on edge. It’s the opening of the twins’ clinic and everyone is there including Rebecca and Susan.

While they have drugs, Elliot remarks to Genevieve that her relationship with Beverly is going well.Later, Elliot keeps eyeing the couple while Tom speaks to Joseph. Joseph feels that Tom’s work with the clinic should be kept quiet because of his unemployability.

While Beverly’s brushing her teeth, Elliot asks Beverly if she wants something new (she means someone new). She then says Beverly hasn’t really had Genevieve until Elliot’s had her too.

At their glossy new clinic, Joseph tells Beverly she has guests booked for the whole day. The board and trustees will be watching them for a few days, so he tells the Mantles to keep that in mind.

Elliot mans the embryology research floor while Rebecca watches. Beverly does a c-section for a woman while an audience watches. Both, research and birthing work goes on. Elliot introduces the menopause delaying surgery that she will be conducting on a 24-year-old girl. One of the audience, a middle aged woman, asks if a 20-year-old’s tissue can be put into her. That’s exactly the kind of idea Elliot wants to explore.

One of Beverly’s patients suffers yet another miscarriage. While going to take a break, a staff member throws a bucket of blood on Beverly accusing her of working with a murderer. She goes to have a smoke anyway. Later, Rebecca talks about this group of people that keeps attacking any organisation attached to the Parker name. Beverly’s not happy about the incident but Rebecca believes there’s not much moral difference between those people and herself. Everyone plays their role in the system.

On their own, Beverly admits to Elliot that she’s struggling. Beverly’s patient from earlier is there and she introduces Elliot to her. When she mentions Elliot’s research, the woman offers up herself for research on miscarriage.

Beverly finds one of her patients, Zhu Ye, on the floor, in pain. She refuses to get on the bed or let Beverly near to check the baby’s heart. Beverly gives her the gel and apparatus and stands looking the other way. She instructs the woman on how to use the instrument and find the heartbeat.

While the twins get ready, Elliot says she wants them to go out to celebrate together but Beverly has a thing with Genevieve. When she agrees she’s shit at parties, Elliot offers to go as her. They swap places and Elliot makes Beverly seem friendly and witty. They even get into an argument about what ‘Elliot’ thinks about Genevieve. Genevieve arrives and automatically reaches for the real Beverly, which makes her friends laugh as they think it’s the other way around. She catches on and later tells Elliot not to ambush her with this swapping. The twins then have to go deliver a baby and Elliot’s annoyed that Genevieve is accompanying them.

While Beverly guides Zhu Ye into giving birth without them touching her, Genevieve watches from outside. Elliot watches Beverly with Genevieve again. Later, the couple go to Genevieve’s place where Beverly sees Sammy, who Genevieve calls her baby brother. He comes over when he’s had his heart broken. After they have sex, Genevieve tells Beverly they should have a baby. Later, Sammy tells Genevieve she looks happy.

At home, Greta makes Elliot some food and then packs a bag for Beverly. Apparently, Genevieve called her and has a surprise planned for Beverly. Elliot empties the bag out in anger.

Elliot calls Beverly and pretends to be empathetic about her needs. She asks Beverly about trying for another baby but Beverly doesn’t want to do it like that anymore. When Elliot suggests they spend the weekend figuring it out, Beverly says she can’t.

Beverly finds Genevieve’s surprise really sweet but worries about Elliot as they’ve never been in different cities. Genevieve tries to make Elliot understand and draws a strict boundary with her when she keeps acting out. Elliot tells Beverly not to go but she does anyway.

At the research centre, Elliot takes out her anger on an employee who’s speaking with Tom. She takes Tom, blindfolded, into a dark room and tells him to produce semen. She then puts his sperm into Beverly’s eggs. She hooks up with a man at a club and then brings everyone to her apartment for a party. She tries having sex with him in Beverly’s room but it doesn’t do it for her and she resorts to drinking and doing drugs.

When she starts throwing out Beverly’s things, a woman nearly gets hit by it on the street. She comes upstairs and begins to break things in the home. Elliot enjoys it and eggs her on. They end up doing drugs together on Elliot’s balcony. The woman disses them for being bad quality. The woman says having a twin means getting half an experience while Elliot insists she gets double.

As the woman keeps taunting Elliot about being nothing without her sister, she pushes her off the edge of her balcony. She runs down to help but can’t find her. She gets back to her apartment, hysterical, and calls Beverly.

Elliot wakes up to find Beverly right there next to her. She says Greta’s made breakfast.

The Episode Review

Dead Ringers delivers a great episode with some stunning visuals of the new birthing centre. Story-wise, the episode takes us through Beverly’s growing feelings for Genevieve and Elliot’s growing frustration about the same thing. The end of the episode is a mark of the transformation with Elliot basically committing murder — a good midway point for the series as well.

A couple of things stand out. Jennifer Ehle does a great job as Rebecca particularly in the scene with her monologue about the activist and the system they live in. Her delivery is brilliant and it has a powerful impact. Another is the scene with the patient Zhu Ye and how Beverly deals with her refusal to be touched and handles her with care. Rachel Weisz continues to give two fantastic performances to the point where I often forget it’s one person.

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