Deadloch – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 8

In Deadloch episode 8, Redcliffe and Dulcie take the women to the school’s gym given that there is excessive chaos caused by the lack of space in the jail. They go on to say that Commissioner Hastings thinks the women are conspiring to murder every man in the city. They inform Margaret that the vehicle that drove Victoria had been registered in her brother’s name. Following this, they question her about whether she can recall who drove her to Aleyna’s.

On entering the school, Commissioner Hastings starts to scream at Dulcie and Redcliffe because they’re there. Following this, Dulcie is removed from the investigation and her responsibilities are suspended. Meanwhile, Phil McGangus shows up with his tongue cut off and blood all over him.

How do Dulcie and Redcliffe go about with the investigation?

Skye O’Dwyer’s cellphone is tracked by Dulcie and Redcliffe, who are able to confirm that her pings are near the bus and could potentially be on it. Sven calls the two and informs them of the fact that Hastings as well as his men seized the bus which had been deserted when they boarded the boat. However, they discovered the phones of all 19 men in Skye O’Dwyer’s vehicle.

They proceed towards a gas station in order to inquire about the possibility of cameras with the employee there. Following an exhausting exchange with the store clerk, she discloses that she spotted the bus driving all the way towards Deadloch and noticed the bus driver had a gas face mask on.

They realize that whoever boarded the bus had gassed out everyone inside before driving off. The bus is then discovered in the water after having been driven off the edge of a cliff.

Dulcie and Redcliffe discover that the bus passed the petrol station twice after receiving the video from the petrol station. The very first time happened while everybody was on the bus, while the second time was when nobody was there.

Who is Deadloch’s serial killer?

Ray McLintock is identified in a composite sketch as the perpetrator. The scene then switches to Ray, who’s got Skye O’Dwyer and the rest of them tied using duct tape across their mouths. James doesn’t stop making sounds while he makes an effort to speak to Skye, which causes Ray to cut his tongue out.

Ray attacks Dulcie and runs away from the location as the women enter the room. He is pursued by Detective Redcliffe, and they arrive at an impasse during which he attempts to convey that he had been carrying out the murders for her as well as all of the Deadloch women. Up until Dulcie shows up to save her, Ray has the upper hand.

Ray retreats towards the lake to flee shortly after Dulcie shows up. The flow of the current, however, is so strong that it ultimately knocks him over and carries his body downstream until it pushes him through a cliff. He is discovered dead with a stake inserted through his stomach by Dulcie and Redcliffe.

Does Deadloch season 1 have a happy ending?

After the psychopath has been tracked down, two months have passed. Currently, Deadloch is thriving. Tammy is chosen as the soccer club captain. Abby is no longer subjected to James’ destructive behavior as she appears to be living comfortably in Deadloch. She speaks to Kate from forensics for a short while, giving the impression that she is now Deadloch’s brand-new detective.

Eddie and Dulcie are seen in Darwin in the Deadloch season 1 finale. They’re presently knocking on Holly’s door to let her know they had picked up Bushy’s case.

The Episode Review

We enjoy among the best-written episodes of the whole season as the drama in Deadloch ultimately draws to a close. The writers do an excellent job of shocking the audience with an unexpected turn that suggests the way psychopaths’ stories about murder can change to reflect modern times.

Despite their unusual and contrasting methods of dealing with the town’s grisly case, Dulcie and Redcliffe managed to finally bring the serial killer who was previously running rampant to justice during the Season 1 finale. The killers’ identity is ultimately quite unexpected, and the series ends strongly with an intriguing whodunit.

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