Deadloch – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

While taking part in an artistic endeavor, episode 3 of Deadloch sees Cath find a corpse around a lake. Meanwhile, Redcliffe is found by Tammy and Miranda in an underground pit.

Dulcie heads to the location where Cath discovered the body. Dulcie requests James look at the corpse as soon as he arrives at the crime scene. James states that the body has Sapnofied, which is a term for when bacteria gradually consumes a body while it is in a moist environment.

Thereafter, Dulcie discovers that the corpse is Sam O’Dwyer’s after examining it. Redcliffe enters and describes exactly what happened with her. Dulcie then tells her about the new corpse, and they both have completely different opinions.

Redcliffe recognizes Jimmy when she returns to the police station. She believes he was the person she had been after the night before. She runs after him right away, only to discover Phil patiently waiting out. Redcliffe expresses her suspicion that Phil happens to be one of the main suspects. Contrarily, he tells the local news that he is unhappy with how the town has handled the murders.

The employees at the dock remove Sam O’Dwyer’s boat’s trash. When Abbie sees a bloodstain on it, she requests the detectives to test its DNA. Redcliffe leaves right away to look for Phil’s DNA at the pub, despite Dulcie’s reluctance.

Dulcie informs Sam O’Dwayer’s loved ones about his passing. Thereafter, Redcliffe enters the bar and takes away a glass that might have Phil’s DNA left on it.

Dulcie and Ted converse when Dulcie goes to the beach. Thereafter, she messages Hannah, requesting her to provide the criminal profiler’s contact information.

James informs Dulcie and Redcliffe that Sam’s corpse also had her tongue removed. Dulcie concludes that each murder is related as a consequence. Redcliffe, who has her heart set on linking the case to her most recent suspect, Phil, continues to be indifferent towards Dulcie’s gut feeling.

Redcliffe orders a town-wide DNA test the following day despite the fact that the DNA report concerning Phil being the person in question is unclear.

When Dulcie calls the criminal profiler after leaving a voicemail, the caller informs her that the profiler is actually in Deadloch to attend the festival. Dulcie is searching for Dr. Daniela Kehlman, and after looking into it, she manages to locate her. Daniela doesn’t seem particularly interested at first, but after learning that multiple homicides occurred over time, she pays attention to everything Dulcie has to say.

Redcliffe steps in, but Dulcie continues to tell Daniela every possible piece of information regarding the killings, many of which pointing in the direction of a vicious serial killer. Redcliffe is extremely disappointed to learn that she must stay in order to crack the case given that it is only going to get worse from here on in. Redcliffe gets a call from her boss Scotty, and it appears that the conversation does not go well for her.

Redcliffe goes to the neighborhood pub to get wasted. Journalist Stephanie stops by for a nightcap when she notices Redcliffe’s condition and decides to sit down to interview her for more information on the case. Meanwhile, Dulcie attempts to ask Daniela more questions about the killings, but she brushes her off.

Mike calls Dulcie and informs her how Redcliffe has told the journalists everything there is to know about the case. When Redcliffe and Phil McGangus leave in order to board the boat, Dulcie gets to the bar.

Dulcie arrives at Phil’s boat right on time. Redcliffe appears to be drunk and distressed. Following this, Dulcie confronts her and accuses her of not taking the matter seriously and of speaking to the media. Additionally, Dulcie informs her of the fact that she has endured enough of her disrespectful attitude and suggests that if she is not willing to investigate the matter, she can return to Darwin.

Redcliffe informs her that nobody in the Darwin office wants her. She continues by claiming that because she was not present when her partner was devoured by a crocodile, everybody around her believes she is just a fuck up. Following this, Dulcie apologises for confronting her in such a way, but she also warns her about the possibility of a serial killer.

When Abby arrives, she asks a crucial question regarding the victims’ lack of defensive marks. Her hypothesis states that those who died were given drugs. She also claims that the updated toxicology report proves that drugs were present within the victim’s system. Dulcie draws a new conclusion as a consequence of this new evidence. The most recent hint suggests that the murderer is a woman because men rarely poison in cases involving serial killing.

Redcliffe, for the very first time, agrees to back Dulcie’s investigative methods as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The show is getting more serious and interesting as new information comes to light. Dulcie and Redcliffe now turn their attention to the women in Deadloch.

Up until this point, this episode has been the most intriguing. We finally discover the cause of Redcliffe’s character’s restlessness. Finally, her actions make sense. Additionally, this new information has increased the suspense in the show, and it will be interesting to see what happens in the upcoming episodes.

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