Deadloch – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

Episode 2 of Deadloch begins with a person off on a boat slicing up tongues, throwing a couple of them in the water for the fishes, and preserving the remainder in an ice box. Cath confronts Dulcie about keeping her involvement in the case hidden. Despite Dulcie’s apology, her partner has much to say about the situation through text.

We learn that the second corpse discovered on the shore is Gavin Latham’s, the deceased Nathan’s brother. Gavin was also strangled and had his tongue taken out.

Dulcie and Detective Redcliffe head to the Sawmill to conduct further investigation. They talk to Phil McGangus, who operates the mill. However, he refuses to give them any information.

Following that, Vanessa, who continues to be weakened by prescribed medication, is visited by Dulcie and Detective Redcliffe. When they interrogate her, they learn that Gavin and Nathan shared ownership of the mill, which makes Phil a likely suspect.

Dulcie pays Margaret, Rod’s spouse, a visit. They go on to ask her about Rod’s remains. Thereafter, Margaret tells them that Claire found the body. The next time Dulcie speaks to Claire, she notices that she strangely has a sketch of discovering Rod’s corpse hanging on the wall.

Abby observes Phil loading cardboard packages into his truck while on a stakeout. Detective Redcliffe receives the information from Abby, and the two choose to pursue the car.

The following day, Redcliffe turns down Dulcie’s suggestion to dig Rod’s corpse. Dulcie, however, makes a call to James, the doctor in charge, to complete the task.

At the funeral, Abby gives Redcliffe information regarding everyone present. Additionally, Ted’s attempt to uncover Rod’s corpse clashes with the funeral and it sparks a debate with Phil over Dulcie’s professionalism.

Redcliffe recognizes Sam O’Dwyer in a photo at the neighborhood bar’s memorial service in memory of the Latham brothers. She questions his spouse Victoria while she is working at the bakery. Thereafter, Dulcie shows up to offer an apology. Dulcie tells Redcliffe how her questioning almost triggered Victoria’s grief again. Both of them argue, but Dulcie asserts her dominance in the community.

Redcliffe observes a boat in a photograph at the bar, which makes her think of the video. Redcliffe and Dulcie realize it is the same boat as Nathan and Gavin’s fight clip. Dulcie deduces that Sam vanished five days after Rod’s corpse was discovered and that Rod’s injuries resemble Nathan and Gavin’s in some ways. It appears that both law enforcement officials now believe Sam committed the murder.

To better understand the killer’s method of murdering, Abby purchases a variety of knives. She gets in touch with James and tells him that she thinks the murderer was using a single knife that had two blades. James uses the very same theory to woo Dulcie in the sequence that follows.

Suddenly, Redcliffe realizes that she has been staying in Sam O’Dwyer’s place when she is looking through the house’s belongings. Suddenly, a figure in a mask runs out of the apartment, prompting her to pursue the man.

Sam’s boat abruptly catches fire. Dulcie tries to contact Redcliffe to tell her the news, but the detective drops her phone while pursuing the masked assailant. Redcliffe stumbles and falls into a pothole as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

This episode marks a turning point in the investigation of the Lathan killings as Detective Redcliffe and Dulcie eventually team up to identify a new suspect in light of additional evidence.

The episode succeeds in grabbing your attention and keeping you glued to the screen. However, despite being a fantastic actor, Detective Redcliffe is a rather annoying character and her mannerisms make for a pretty challenging watch at times!

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