Deadloch – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Episode 1

Two friends happen to be strolling by a beach when they stumble across a corpse. Episode 1 of Deadloch really picks up though when Dulcie receives a call regarding this news, given she and Cath happen to be in bed together. The officials have identified the body as Trent Latham’s, after taking a look at it.

Thereafter, Commissioner Hastings, Dulcie’s superior, calls to inform her that an investigator is on his way to take charge, but that she must remain in a leadership position until then.

Trent’s girlfriend, Vanessa, arrives and rushes to the scene where she discovers that Trent is dead. Dulcie goes on to inquire Trent’s whereabouts the previous evening and whether he was up to any illegal activities. Trent’s partner vehemently says no.

To let Trent’s brother Gavin know of his brother’s passing, Dulcie and Abby go to his home. He loses it, accuses the entire city, and then, after finally realizing Trent is dead, drops to his knees in exasperation.

Dulcie’s debriefing is interrupted by the Detective, who then takes over the investigation. Her out-of-character behavior ends up causing a lot of noise, which Dulcie finds obnoxious and mildly upsetting.

The detective hears every piece of information gathered over the previous 27 hours. Detective Redcliffe then focuses her attention on Nathan’s brother Gavin, whom she suspects of being the murderer. She consequently requests that they bring him in so that she can question him.

Dulcie goes near a bridge to investigate the case. One of those present mentions a seal consumed the face of a corpse that washed up on the shore, suggesting how once they develop a fondness for blood, they’re unable to stop.

When Detective Redcliffe arrives to speak with Cath, she is unconscious. She then inquires about Cath’s bond with Gavin, and it seems to be alright.

The medical examiner discusses every detail of the autopsy, including Trent’s last meal and the fact that the laceration wasn’t fatally deep. Detective Redcliffe interjects and states that strangulation had been the cause of the death precisely when he begins to reveal the cause of death.

Abby informs Dulcie through text that Nathan’s tongue was missing. Thereafter, Dulcie makes her way to Redcliffe to discuss it. Dulcie goes on to tell the detective about Rob Dixon, who was found dead with his tongue missing on the same beach. Dulcie thinks that the two cases are connected in some way. She tells the detective that she is looking into the wrong person. However, Detective Redcliffe plans to arrest Gavin the following day regardless of what Dulcie says.

Redcliffe gets frustrated when Dulcie calls the Commissioner and requests him to let her get back on the case.

Abby claims to have discovered a clip of the harbor. Gavin and Nathan can be seen fighting in the footage, but they are unable to see what went down because a bug covers the lens. It confirms Redcliffe’s suspicion that Gavin could potentially be the killer, so they set out to find him.

During the city’s large gathering, Abby finds Vanessa Lathan and rings Dulcie and Redcliffe. In order to question Vanessa Lathan, the two rush downtown. While this is going on, Cath questions Dulcie over whether she has been handling the investigation behind her back. The episode comes to a close with Dulcie and Redcliffe discovering a dead body, after Cath aims a tranquilizing dart at a seal.

The Episode Review

Deadloch is a charming town in Tasmania that was once celebrated for its peaceful beaches and pleasant atmosphere. However, all that calm is abruptly destroyed when an unsettling crime shocks the neighbourhood. Two friends find a corpse on the beach, setting up the episode’s evident “whodunnit” style.

The episode is compelling to watch because it successfully balances comedy and mystery. Having said that, despite their attempts to be eccentric, the characters in the show are rather annoying. However, it’s enough to overlook for now as the mystery is enticing enough to learn more about in the upcoming chapters.

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  1. It is not Cath unconscious it is Vanessa mentioned in the above recap of DeadLoch episode 1.

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