Dead Lakes – Daydreamer | Album Review

Track Listing 

Strange Juice
Tongue Planet
Wrong Way
Onyx Drive
Hold Back
Ad Nauseam
Drown It Out


Dead Lakes make waves with their album Daydreamer, and the band stylishly destroy their demons while playing their hearts out. From the onset, the act showcase their tightly weaved instrumentals, which are technical and impressive.

Emotion does appear to pivotal on this collection too, as the act doesn’t hold back on creating songs which resonate. Society is a common theme on this album, and the band describes it as broken – and they’re right.

Intelligent song-writing has plummeted over the years, and many bands have gone the easy route. Dead Lakes have proved their lyricists of the highest degree, and Daydreamer shows this.

‘Strange Juice’ begins the record with a catchy song, storming through with a blistering chorus, and great vocal work. The lyrics describe heartache and dark days. By comparison, ‘Wrong Way’ is brooding. The band is honest throughout and the sound grows ferociously. It’s a highlight of this song, as the chorus rises.

‘Believer’ opens up with electronic notes and delivers an infectious chorus. It’s a loud offering too, blending in well and paves the way for the rest of the album, which is just as endearing.

Overall, Daydreamer  is a decent album from Dead Lakes, exploring original avenues and on this LP, they certainly don’t let their guard down.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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