Daughter – Stereo Mind Game | Album Review

daughter album

Track Listing

Be On Your Way
Party Dandelion
Swim Back
Future Lover
Missed Calls
To Rage
Wish I Could Cross The Sea


Emotions are on a different level in this album by Daughter. The friction of undesirable love hitting against the mind is also apparent, pushing and releasing a darkness no one wants to be engulfed in. The band focuses on their music well, and the poignant moments, those soft leanings, are what make it appealing. Lyrically, the foundations are fixed brilliantly, captivating and slightly unnerving at times, but that’s the whole point of an album like this.

The words stagger in, and the music rallies diversity, crossing the divide between what is good and what is great. This record, Stereo Mind Game, has all the traits of love being properly assessed for its blemishes and its relevance. Of course, it’s relevant, and of course it has those moments when everything seems to be going downward like a bird with a broken wing.

This band is gifted. There’s no doubting that. Their prowess blooms at every opportunity, shooting up into the atmosphere. Be On Your Way is a track dazzling in its execution. Subtle instrumentals come in and soften the blow of a sudden hit of despair. It’s an epic song, drenched in realism.

Neptune covers all areas with its indie sound and its emotional underpinnings. The voice here softly interconnects with these morose lyrics. The woman is cascading into a circle of disrepair, falling and falling until she’s caught by an estranged man.

Isolation begins with acoustic charm. Again, hope fights but dies instantly, and the girl here can’t swim through as she is up against it all; the depths of disenchantment.

Daughter do not go for blistering instrumentals. They play softly and they write lyrics that are as poetic as they are searing. Stereo Mind Game is a masterclass in lyricism and well-developed sounds and should be acclaimed for its boldness.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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