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Netflix’s light, breezy dating show returns for a second season as 6 more hopeful singletons head out on a series of dates trying to find love. With a very familiar set-up and a vibe that matches that seen in the first season, if you enjoyed (or hated) last year’s effort then the chances are those vibes will be shared here too. The six episodes each clock in at around 25 minutes or so making it the perfect show to binge through and there’s something strangely endearing with watching these different dates play out.

Of course, much like before the set-up here is incredibly familiar, with the pre-drinks, dinner and after-hour segments breaking up the different parts of the night as our singles head out on various blind dates to try and find their perfect match. Along the way, Dating Around uses a lot of static cameras, neon-lit lighting and gorgeous decor across the 6 episodes to give this a similar glossy feel. There are a few moments through the series where the different singletons look directly at the camera though, which does break the illusion, but ultimately there’s some decent content here worth chewing through.

One of the strongest moments last series came from the sheer amount of diversity shown across the dating spectrum and Dating Around captures that beautifully once more in this second season. Justin is a really nice guy and comes across as genuine in most of his dates while Deva’s openness makes her easy to warm to as well. Each of the singletons have their own ups and downs during dates, much like in real life, and it’s this raw sense of realism that makes Dating Around such an enjoyable watch.

Given how similar this season is to the previous one the show still struggles from the same problems. Editing is a constant issue, as we shift across the different dates at breakneck speed and the lack of introduction to who these different dates are is a bit of a shame too. It’s hard not to think Dating Around could have benefited from adding another 10/15 minutes to each episode in a bid to build up that affinity to who these girls or guys are rather than acting as throwaway dates.

Still, Dating Around continues to deliver the goods with its second season and there’s certainly enough here to enjoy. Of course, the same problems from before are still here but if you took to the first season then chances are you’ll love this one too. If you hated it however, then this show may be worth skipping in search of greener pastures.


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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