Dashing Through The Snow (2023) Ending Explained – What makes Eddie believe in Santa Claus?

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Currently streaming on Disney+ is Dashing Through The Snow, a festive movie about a man named Eddie who no longer believes in Santa Claus. Not only that but he has also lost his passion for the Christmas season, much to the disappointment of his daughter Charlotte who wants to spend the holiday with him.

Eddie needs a miracle to make him believe again. And as luck would have it, a miracle turns up in the guise of a guy named Nick who claims to be Santa Claus.

Is Nick the real Father Christmas? And is he able to help Eddie regain his Christmas spirit and his belief in Santa?

Let’s take a look at this festive family movie. 

Why did Eddie stop believing in Santa Claus?

When Eddie was 8 years old, he disclosed his address to a mall Santa when he asked him to mend the relationship between his parents. This was a bad mistake as this fake Santa was a crook who liked the look of the expensive ring sitting on top of Eddie’s mom’s finger.

The petty thief snuck into Eddie’s home to steal away a few of the family’s belongings. Thankfully, Eddie’s father was able to apprehend the burglar, but for Eddie, this traumatic moment made him think that Santa wasn’t real. As his parents later separated, he didn’t get the gift of family unity that he wanted. This was further reason for him to stop believing in Santa and it also gave him cause to hate the holiday season.

Years later, Eddie is estranged from his wife Allison but he does have a daughter named Charlotte who wants to spend Christmas with him. The holidays get off to a good start but things take a strange turn when Eddie discovers somebody in his neighbour’s home after he goes into the house to feed their cat. 

Who does Eddie discover in the house?

When Eddie enters the house, he is surprised to see a red-suited man hanging from the chimney. After rescuing the guy from his awkward position, he learns the man’s name is Nicholas Sinter-Claus. 

The man claims to be Santa but as he is holding a tablet that he is having trouble unlocking, there’s a possibility that he could be another red-suited burglar. However, Eddie suspects the guy may be having an identity crisis due to mental health problems. As a social worker, he sees it as his responsibility to help the man. But as it turns out, the guy claiming to be Santa Claus ends up helping him believe in Christmas again. 

Eddie decides to take Nick to the hospital, along with his daughter Charlotte who tags along. But on the way, they are chased by three crooks who, for some reason, are desperate to get hold of the tablet that Nick is carrying. 

Who wants the tablet?

Initially, we don’t know why the crooks want the tablet, so we witness a cat-and-mouse chase between them and Eddie and co, without knowing why they need the device. 

But later in the movie, we see a flashback scene in which Nick is at the home of Congressman Conrad Harf. It’s here where he gets his tablet (containing the naughty and nice list) mixed up with Harf’s tablet which contains incriminating evidence about one of the politician’s crooked schemes. 

Nick escapes with the wrong tablet, which is why he later has trouble unlocking it. The crooked Congressman sends three of his people to retrieve it but Nick manages to outwit them. 

What makes Eddie believe in Santa Claus?

Eddie has a wild night of adventure with Nick and Charlotte, in which they repeatedly escape from the crooks, at one point with the help of the Santa-tracking Truckle family. 

During the evening, several things point to the fact that Nick might be the real Santa Claus. He sweats glitter, his farts smell of cinnamon, and he has a Secret Santa pocket in his coat in which he keeps his yak repellant and reindeer food. 

But for Eddie, it’s a letter he is given from Nick that makes him believe in Santa again. The letter is one Eddie wrote to Santa as a boy, asking him to find a way to keep his parents together. This is all the proof Eddie needs to convince him that Nick is the real Santa.

How does the film end?

During a final encounter with Conrad and his cronies, Eddie activates Nick’s reindeer caller. This causes the animals to swoop down from the sky and beat up the bad guys.

As the movie draws to a close, Conrad also starts believing that Nick is the real Santa when Nick gives the corrupt politician the action figure he always wanted as a child. Conrad doesn’t get everything he always wanted, however, as he and his goons are arrested and taken away by the police. 

At the end of the movie, Eddie and Charlotte return home to Allison. She is unbelieving of their story about their night with Santa Claus, but when Nick turns up and reminds her of the playset that he gifted her when she was a kid, she has cause to believe in Nick as Santa. 

Christmas ends on a happy note for the family as Eddie and Allison decide to mend their broken relationship. We then see Nick fly away on his reindeer to continue on his night of gift-giving around the world.


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