Dark Winds – Season 1 Episode 5 “Ha’íínlni” Recap and Review


Two weeks before the heist, episode 5 of Dark Winds reveals the reason why Devoted Dan is laundering money. After shooting a commercial – with his wife – the man flirts with a young woman. When he takes her to his van, a Native mechanic phones Frank and James. They open the door and take pictures of Dan in a compromised position. So it is extortion that forces Dan to work for the Buffalo Society. Anyway, on with the recap. Agent Whitover arrives to take Nakai but Emma prevents the arrest due to him being “on the mend”. Leaphorn, though, takes him to the station and tries to get answers from him.

Chee says an awkward goodbye to Bernadette, who gets emotional when he says “I have nothing, here”. His promotion to the D.C. office has been confirmed by Whitover. Bernadette also has a confrontation with Leaphorn for not telling her about Chee. She felt that it might have put her in danger. Nakai provokes Leaphorn by saying he couldn’t save his son when the Lieutenant shows him the photos of Anna and Tso, whom James killed. But Nakai also reveals to Keaphorn that his son’s death was not an accident. Chee is leaving town but stops to help an old man. From there, he gets suspicious about Devoted Dan when the man tells him that his brother, a man of scarce resources, was able to get a new Buick.

Leaphorn follows up Nakai’s allegations with Guy, who tells him the truth. He probes Guy about the reason why he didn’t go to work that day. Lebeck, a geologist on the scene, is introduced to us, who said they found uranium in the well-shaft. At that moment, they are just two fathers looking for closure. They comfort each other and apologize. Back at the station, Bernadette falls to her table paralyzed when Ada just walks in and frees Nakai. Chee’s suspicions are proved right as Dan confirms the laundering. A shocking revelation that even we don’t see coming is that Whitover had come to Dan a couple of weeks back and knows about the extortion and the laundering.

Chee phones the Flagstaff office to enquire about Dan and the Attcity/Tso murders. Surprisingly, there are no files on either of them. Leaphorn pays BJ Vines a visit to ask about the drill site. He reveals that the Buffalo Society has been buying land around his mine, but doesn’t say why. Leaphorn mentions Edwin Yazzie and the scene cuts to Bernadette.

She wakes up to realize that Nakai is gone and in another shocker, we see that she has a streak of white hair and looks visibly older. Leaphorn is informed of the situation and he rushes home. He asks Emma and Sally to relocate to Guy’s for the while, as Nakai will come for his child. But, Emma reveals that James is actually the father. She has an emotional breakdown, pleading with Leaphorn to stay back for her. They have a passionate argument about Joe Jr. but Leaphorn doesn’t stay back.

Bernadette visits Anna’s grandmother to take advice about Ada’s black magic. She tells her to find the lock of hair that Ada has. That is how she’s controlling her. Chee discovers that Whitover pulled the file from the records and that James Tso was indeed questioned for the murder. He calls but no one’s there at the station.

Leaphorn goes looking after Nakai and Tso, while Bernadette reaches Ada’s house. She does have her lock of hair, and a lot of other people’s as well. But Ada returns and attacks her. In the process, the house catches on fire and Ada is killed. Bernadette escapes – barely – and notices she is back to normal. The witch’s spell is finally over. As a result, even Wanda wakes up from her coma. Whitover comes to take custody but Bernadette hands him a rifle and the two go after Nakai. Leaphorn follows Nakai’s tracks and finds the two. He lies there with his rifle, looking and the night sky and wondering what comes next.

The Episode Review

Oof! The series definitely saved the best for last. Not a moment was wasted in the episode. Every minute, we reached closer and closer to knowing the real truth of this web of lies. The nexus between the police and the criminals is finally starting to unravel as there is a suggestion that Whitover might be the mastermind of it all. But if he is involved, Bernadette and Leaphorn are in grave danger.

They might get backstabbed and Chee will probably be the one whose intervention saves the day. Well, the next episode has certainly tied up to be a promising affair.

Amidst the solid story progression, we also see space for emotional closures for Leaphorn and Guy, looking for answers to questions that have haunted them for so long. Ada’s finally gone and what a relief that is! She had been torturing poor Bernadette for so long. The Buffalo Society now doesn’t have the upper hand anymore and is more vulnerable. Dark Winds has got a jolt of new life that has suddenly elevated its dramatic heft and taut storyline. More of this, please!

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  1. I had just read listening woman. It was strange and exciting seeing the story come to life! Can’t wait for more!

  2. I had just finished Listening woman about 2 weeks before the series started. As I watched episode 1, I thought something was familiar. It was weird seeing this book I had read come to life. Can’t wait for more!

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