Dark Matter (2024) – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review


Episode 8 of Dark Matter starts with Other Jason finding out that Daniela has gone to see Ryan. While out putting the trash in the bins, he’s attacked by another Jason – different to the two we’ve become accustomed to in this series. They wrestle with each other, until Other Jason eventually ends up with his head bleeding out in the alleyway.

Meanwhile, our Jason ends up spotting another rogue Jason out in the hallway of his hotel. When he shows up at the Village Tap for a drink, he finds one more Jason there as well. It turns out all of these different Jasons were displaced by Other Jason (Jason Two), and this was perhaps inevitable that they would all spawn in the same world to get their life back.

It would appear that every choice our Jason made inside the box, spawned another possible Jason. Each action has a consequence, and the Jasons that have made it this far “made the right choice” and have ended up in Chicago. There is a possibility that there are dozens of Jasons about to come through, so they need to be wary of that.

Our Jason speaks to this alternate version, who points out that his Amanda was killed in a “very dark world”. This Rogue Jason also explains that all the other Jasons believe they’re the “right” one, ie. Jason One, so will do what they can to come out on top.

Meanwhile, Daniela finds Ryan bent over his toilet being sick. He’s obviously the wrong Ryan and adamant that he’s a mechanic. When Daniela shows a picture of Jason, Ryan has never seen him before, but does confirm that he’s the one who bought her drinks. Daniela gives a number for a mental health clinic and eventually heads back home.

In the morning, Daniela claims she’s heading to the gallery, when in reality she goes to the storage facility to get some answers. There, she finds a phone with plenty of photos for her and Jason. There’s also a big box of Ampoules too for travelling, while there’s also a mechanic jacket for Ryan as well. In the midst of looking, she gets a call from an unknown caller.

Jason Two messes up with Charlie while showing him around the University of Chicago campus. As they talk about choices, a rogue Jason appears on the other side of the building and begins chasing them. How two Jasons managed to get past security so quickly is anyone’s guess but Jason Two gets spooked and eventually ditches Charlie to get rid of this rogue version of himself.

The pair chase each other around the library, which is actually surprisingly empty, before wrestling in the bathroom. Eventually, Jason 2 chokes the guy out and kills him. While dealing with him in the cubicle, Charlie is pulled over by the police.

Meanwhile, our Jason gets himself arrested for smoking a cigar. This was all a ploy to get her to a place they can talk. He points out that the other Jason has hijacked his life. Daniela doesn’t believe any of this, but he begs her to call him and prove it for herself. Daniela eventually concedes and is shocked. She speaks to Jason Two, who messes up their history completely. The pair part ways, but our Jason tells her to come meet him at The Bean. They exchange a safe word – Jupiter – but she doesn’t promise anything.

Back home, Daniela finds Jason Two is packing. He’s flustered and decided they need to get out of Chicago. He claims it’s the investment with Leighton but we obviously know it’s because of the other Jasons descending on them. Daniela makes her choice. She knocks Jason Two down the stairs of the basement, and races off to meet our Jason. They’re both intercepted though by several other Jasons en-route, but eventually the trio are reunited at The Bean. But how on earth are they going to fix anything?

The Episode Review

Finally an episode chock full of action and suspense; the whole show has been screaming out for an episode like this, but Dark Matter has really fumbled its lines, struggling to find a consistent pacing for itself throughout the season. Thankfully, this is a much better chapter and it shows off the potential this show could have had.

The idea of multiple Jasons all being in the same world, alongside our Jason who’s just trying to get back to his family, is a nice way of ratcheting up the tension but surely there’s no way they can stay in this world now. The whole of Chicago has been compromised with all these Jasons, and there are at least two dead that we know about.

With everything left on a precarious knife edge, the door is left wide open for where this one may go next. Roll on next week’s finale!

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