Dark Matter (2024) – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

In The Fires of Dead Stars

Episode 7 of Dark Matter begins with Daniela messaging Ryan, trying to find out where he is. He’s not replying, obviously, but other Jason decides to try and quell her concerns by cooking for her. Charlie is similarly mad, but things take a turn for the awkward when Detective Mason shows. She’s looking for Ryan Holder, given he’s missing. Other Jason spins a story about how Ryan got blind drunk and that’s the last time he saw him.

Daniela listens intently to this, and when Mason leaves, questions Other Jason about the storage unit. She knows that he’s lying, and wants the truth regarding the ampoule. Other Jason lies, claiming that Ryan was producing it and his erratic behaviour is a side effect of the compound.

Meanwhile, our Jason and Amanda decide to take a break from finding their world. This world is full of empathy and the pair have snacks, eat food and chill out. The pair take a detour when they reach a sky bar, as they start to slip deeper into becoming romantic partners.

After talking about their alternate selves in this world, Jason heads off to try and find his family. As for Amanda, she’s had enough of jumping though hoops. She’s completely alone apart from Jason… and he’s not even her Jason. So she’s staying here. Jason hugs her goodbye and drops a couple of vials into her bag, giving her a way back.

When Jason makes it to the box again, he looks back at the world…. and it becomes clear that this is the same one that Other Jason dropped Ryan off at last episode. Jason has 2 vials left, so he needs to be smart and find the right world. It seems he may have found the right one, and he speaks to Daniela. She’s at least with him this time and they agree to have a good night together. Only… there’s a problem. There’s a Jason that’s already in this world and he’s in bed with Daniela.

Jason begins to spiral, and that night he speaks to Charlie in the kitchen. It’s coming up to Holly’s anniversary and he’s not doing well. Jason tries to talk him around but he pushes away and heads back upstairs. As for our Jason, he hurries out the door and to the Village Tap to find Ryan. He owns a garage here and he got busted with a DUI, hence why he’s not at university anymore.

Meanwhile, Other Jason is questioned by Mason about Ryan again. Things are starting to get really sticky for him, and he can definitely feel it. In fact, he heads to the box that evening and grabs another Ryan to quell suspicions and puts him in our world.

Our Jason, with his final vial, stands by the final door and talks about how he wants to make it home… and wouldn’t you know it, he does just that. He steps out from the smashed concrete and finds an empty ampoule on the ground. Jason hurries all the way back and soon realizes where he is. Interestingly, on his route home, “Upgrade” is playing at the cinema. For those unaware, this is Blake Crouch’s other sci-fi thriller so it’s a nice little easter egg for fans.

Our Jason makes it back home but of course, Other Jason has already infiltrated his home and he needs to defend himself before heading in. He doesn’t have a Firearm licence so he gets some mace and a knife instead. However, just after he leaves, Other Jason busts into the exact same store and realizes he’s not alone here.

The Episode Review

All roads now lead to a big stand-off between the two Jasons. Our Jason has made it back to the right world, thankfully, but it does raise big questions over exactly how this one’s going to play out going forward.

The drama involving Amanda is also intriguing, and seeing her settle into this world, presumably the same one that Ryan has been dropped off at, is a nice little twist that sets everything up for a dramatic final few eps to come.

The show has been okay but it has undoubtedly been slow and lethargic at times too. This episode, for example, did not need to be 50 minutes. Not a whole lot actually happens, in all honesty, although the acting is good all round, so there is that.

Either way, everything is set up nicely for a dramatic ending to come for this one.

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  1. Plus the other Jason was the one who spoke with Ryan III garage owner in bar. He got that Ryan drunk abducted him back to his world cut his hair & left him passed out in Ryan I’s apartment. That is why he smashed concrete 1st and prolly was planning on re concreting in a coupla days. Me I think it was Other Jason (Jason II) who went into gunshop second & now knows Jason I is back

  2. Thats not right. The other Jason is NOT the bad Jason who started it all. I mean he is wearing exactly the same clothes and backpack as our Jason and even has the same cut on his nose, and also appears to be carrying additional injuries like a black eye.

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