Dark Matter (2024) – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Dark Matter starts with Daniela painting. Masked Jason shows and encourages her to quit the gallery and paint full time. After all, they have tons of money now after Leighton’s investment. Other Jason drops Charlie off at the skate park before eventually heading back and seeing Leighton down by the box. They have their 50 vials and Other Jason still wants to go ahead with his plan of sealing up the box. Leighton leaves and things continue to escalate.

Jason picks up Charlie by the skate park after, but unfortunately he gives him peanut ice-cream, but he has a nut allergy. It’s touch and go for a while, but Jason does manage to use the epi-pen to save Charlie’s life. When Daniela finds out, she’s shocked, especially as she questions Other Jason and how much “thinking” goes into remembering Charlie’s allergies.

Not only that, but he’s also flossing now too, which only compounds Daniela’s worries. She knows that this Jason is different, and Daniela vents to Blair about her concerns. Daniela susses that it might be cheating and decides she should watch him. However, Jason has a big romantic gesture.

Other Jason brings Daniela to the charity auction after speaking to Amanda (who’s working as a therapist in our world). However, she freaks out when she sees her own unfinished painting up on the wall. Daniela is humiliated as none of this is her. Other Jason drops her off back home… just in time for Daniela to jump in her car and follow him.

She shows up at the storage room and manages to find empty ampoules. Unsure where else to turn, Daniela shows up to see Ryan and gets him to examine just what this is from the small sample she has.

Meanwhile, our Jason starts to shift through worlds, determined to try and find his beloved. The small details need to be exact, right down to things like the right door colour, the sign of the Village Tap and everything in between. They work their way through numerous worlds, and Jason starts to despair that he’s getting nowhere.

Jason and Amanda decide to take a break from jumping through worlds and let loose that night. They eat food, drink and dance. After, Jason shows up at the gallery and asks Daniela (who’s blonde in this world) out for coffee. It doesn’t go to plan, as she rejects him. As for Amanda, she sits across the street and just watches the other version of herself in a happy relationship with her own kid.

The pair eventually reconvene at the hotel, where Amanda believes that Jason needs to go deeper with his life and his thoughts toward Daniela and their family. Jason heads out for some air, where he goes back home and sees a happy version of himself and Daniela. Eventually he does head back to the hotel, rain-soaked. He’s spent his time watching this version of Jason and Daniela, although the editing would have one believe only a few hours have passed.

Jason now starts to understand the world and believes that he’s getting closer. They only have 10 ampoules though, and Amanda believes they need to be smart in order to get back to their world.

Back in our world, Ryan confronts Jason about the ampoule and the compound inside. He doesn’t disclose who handed it over but does show him the box. Other Jason bemoans how his life has turned out here, given how long he took to reach this spot. Ryan is with him the whole time and after they both inject themselves, they end up at the infinite hallway again.

When they both open the door, they find a different version of Chicago. It’s a kinder and more progressive version. As for Jason, he basically points out that he’s a different version of the Jason we’ve come to expect, and unfortunately, shuts the door on him and leaves Jason in this world all alone. However, he does take Ryan’s phone away from him. Unfortunately, Other Jason goes ahead with his plan and concretes over the box so nobody can get back.

The Episode Review

Dark Matter has basically decided to go its own direction with the story now and is abandoning what made the book so enticing and thrilling to begin with. That’s a real shame, because the pacing in this show is all over the place. It’s disappointing to be honest, as the story has so much potential that’s just not been translated all that well onto the small screen.

However, the acting is good and the idea of infinite worlds and the multiverse is certainly an alluring prospect. Whether the show can pick it up for the remaining time in this season remains to be seen, but this has been a rather mediocre sci-fi effort, all things considered.

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