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The School Is Breached

Episode 6 of Dark Hole begins with a shocking reveal before this outbreak occurred. Choi Kyung-Soo is involved in a hit and run and demands his associates keep their mouths shut if they want to keep their jobs. That goes for Ms Na too, who happens to be on the phone listening to this transpire.

Back at the school in the present, Dong-Rim and Hwa-Sun discuss the former’s father and how there’s no justice for the culprits. As they talk, Hwa-Sun starts to hallucinate, seeing the serial killer’s markings (the smiley face on a bag) where Dong-Rim is sitting.

In the main building, Do-Yoon and the other kids are fed and begin settling down, growing comfortable in their new abode. That’s a bad move, especially as the deceased guard, Yong-Min, suddenly sports black eyes and gets back up again.

Well, it’s not him that arrives but Jin-Seok, followed quickly by Seung-Tae who asks him to hand over the hospital bag. With the janitor bleeding out after the attack last episode, Jin-Seok eventually loses control and races away.

Out in the hallway he sports a bloodied nose and starts hearing a menacing voice, taunting him and laughing coldly.

Jut like that though, the mutants arrive and swarm into the school, killing anything that moves. Teachers and students alike are ripped apart while the survivors, sporting gas masks, do their best to escape.

Seung-Tae and his father eventually come to blows in the office, with Seung-Tae telling him the school is lost and they need to leave. The stubborn Director is having none of it and stays behind with his handgun .That doesn’t do much good, especially when he’s eventually overpowered and knocked down to the ground by one of the infected. With white smoke choking the room, he’s seemingly done for.

Jin-Seok continues to be the infected ringleader in all this, sporting that maniacal laughter we’ve been hearing from before. Hwa-Sun seems to sense it too, clutching her head in pain. The survivors manage to get away – what’s left of them anyway – and they hurry away from the school

Unfortunately, Hwa-Sun and Dong-Rim after still in the gymnasium. Using a makeshift winch, Dong-Rim is saved while Hwa-Sun is thrown out the window by an infected. Thankfully she lands on the bus and manages to survive, prompting them all to drive off.

At the hospital the group are divided. With each of the different groups fighting off the infected and hiding out, Snake Eyes confronts Sunnyeo in the main hallway and threatens her with a knife. She smirks, promising that he’ll be the one to die if he continues down this path. Snake Eyes ignores her threat and heads up to the different wards, hording as much gear as he can.

In the process though, he runs into Tae-Han and the gang who manage to blindside him. They don’t kill the man though and let him charge out with hands full of worthless valuables.

The rest of the survivors gather in the hospital again as an exhausted survivor knocks on the front door. It’s Ji-Hye and she tells the others to check her pocket. There, they uncover the truth about Jin-Soo.

With his cover blown, a stand-off ensues in the main atrium as Jin-Soo holds up a hostage and hurries out to the parking lot. He forces the girl to drive for him as he hurries away from this.

Meanwhile, Hwa-Sun and Tae-Han both make a bold choice individually to save innocent lives. Tae-Han goes off in search of Jin-Soo, with Soon-Il talking to Snake Eyes privately at the hospital. Given the debt he owes, Snake Eyes suggests he take his gun. In doing so, it’ll square their debt.

It turns out this cop was actually disgraced on the force and owed Snake Eyes a big debt. That was levelled against Tae-Ha, and Soon-Il was the one who sold out Tae-Han originally. Without much of a choice, the officer hands it over. Only, in doing so Soon-Il accidentally shoots the gangster in the stomach. This attracts numerous mutants who race downstairs to turn him.

While this is going on, Ji-Hye goes into labour. At the same time, chaos ensues as our nurse crashes the car she’s in with Jin-Soo and stabs him in the heart. As the light starts to fade, he’s whisked away to this strange, blackened world where he’s about to become infected. Jin-Soo steps out the car and begins stalking the nurse through the supermarket.

Hwa-Sun meanwhile, entices all the mutants outside, where they’re distracted by Seung-Tae honking the bus horn and forcing all the infected to follow.

It’s just the opportunity Hwa-Sun needs to sneak inside and free Do-Yoon and the others. Only, Do-Yoon is still inside with Hwa-Sun as she starts to lose control, grabbing a gun and waving it around maniacally.

The Episode Review

Dark Hole returns with a dramatic follow-up to the previous episode, paving way for lots of action dotted throughout the chapter. With the high school breached, most of the hour is taken up with nail-biting tension as the group try to evade the threat posed by the mutants.

These infected are certainly dangerous and it seems you don’t need to be bitten to be infected either. As seen from Jin-Soo, it seems this strange dark spiritual energy feeds off negative emotions. Quite who this “he” is remains a mystery but it does seem like it’s linked to the shaman and the black space we’ve been seeing so much of.

Either way, the ending leaves the door wide open for next week’s follow-up, where more drama is bound to ensue. Whether all of our characters will make it out alive however, remains to be seen.

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