Dark Hole – K-Drama Episode 12 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

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The Dark Hole Of Disappointment

Episode 12 of Dark Hole begins with Hwa-Sun and Tae-Han heading to Muji Chemical Plant to save Do-Yoon.

So off they go, through the parking lot where a recently-turned Snake Eyes happens to be waiting for them. Given he killed Kang-Soo, Tae-Han wastes no time returning the favour and killing the crook.

After escaping the hospital, our ragtag survivors band together and hurry to Muji Chemicals after collecting up some weapons to use as protection.

Only, they notice the gas mask wearing guy who we’ve been following from before. It turns out this 19 year old is called Min-Gyu and he’s been alone since this all started.

In fact, he’s also seen Do-Yoon on the CCTV too.

Now we catch up to the moments from the start of the series. Hwa-Sun finds Do-Yoon and runs with him as the tentacled monster attacks.

Using Min-Gyu’s knowledge with the cameras, the pair are led through the corridors and away from the hordes of mutants showing. Tae-Han does his best to hold them off though as long as he can.

Finally they come face to face with this tentacled creature. This giant towers over them, telling Hwa-Sun and Tae-Han to accept him. It claims to have let them live all this time, as Hwa-Sun does her best to get through to Dong-Rim who’s lurking inside.

After some flashes to the past, this creature thinks twice about killing Tae-Han and takes off.

As it does, the group change plans and head straight for Plant 3. This is where the reserve supply of liquid nitrogen is. Soon-Il unfortunately is grabbed by the monster and impaled, left for dead. When Hwa-Sun shows, she too is impaled in the shoulder.

Eventually Hwa-Sun decides to “accept” this creature, as she finds herself within a darkened dream sequence with Dong-Rim.

Hwa-Sun tries to save her but she’s made her peace. Dong-Rim realizes she needs to die in order for everyone else to survive. Hwa-Sun tries to plead but it’s no good.

Dong-Rim backs up and lets the smoke take her. She uses the willpower inside her to hold onto the support beams as the liquid nitrogen freezes the creature. With a well-placed gunshot, it shatters and subsequently kills all the other mutants too.

With the smoke gone and the threat thwarted, our remaining survivors breathe the air outside once more.

We then jump forward one month later. Everyone does their best to recover, with Hwa-Sun and Tae-Han driving to drive off to Seoul together, leaving this show behind.

The Episode Review

Dark Hole bows out its 12 episode run with a pretty formulaic and predictable ending. However, it also fails to address many of the questions raised about this creature over the season.

What happened to the black hole in the woods? Why did this creature attack? What are its motivations? None of these questions are answered and worse, the show goes the route of predictability rather than actually injecting some originality into the plot line.

That’s a shame too because the opening few chapters actually did a good job building up some tension for this.

In the end, Dark Hole bows out with a pretty lacklustre conclusion. This is not one to recommend unfortunatelyy.

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