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The Black Hole Of Obscurity

Episode 10 of Dark Hole begins with a big revelation. Snake Eyes was the one originally responsible for Tae-Han no longer being a cop. Anyway, there’s no time for that as we cut back to the present. Hwa-Sun and Tae-Han find themselves face to face with Madam Kim, who rocks up with her followers.

After allowing the new survivors to stay, Hwa-Sun sits the group down and admits that the tentacled monster is responsible for killing the other survivors inside the hospital – not the mutants. This means whatever this tentacled monster is, it’s responsible for the black smoke and controlling the mutants.

It’s also incredible intelligent too, especially if it’s been following and stalking them all this time. However, right now it seems like the tentacled monster may actually be using someone as a host. Hwa-Sun even admits to inhaling the smoke, which seems to be what’s telepathically connecting her to what’s happening. This also explains the high-pitched ringing. This could be what the monster uses to control the mutants.

Well, Do-Yoon shows up and helps answer that question, confirming the music teacher Ms Na, is on the loose following her run-in with the tentacled creature. She stalks Dong-Rim, claiming she’s not a murderer but seemingly unable to control herself.

After locking Ms Na up to make sure she doesn’t hurt anyone else, Hwa-Sun sits with Dong-Rim and they discuss what’s currently going on. Specifically, they mention the covered-up murder in the past and how she was on the phone to Choi.

Hwa-Sun and Tae-Han decide to head up to the rooftop, where they see the smoke has backed off and seemingly stayed away. They set up a drone and fly it high in the air, intent on checking the city and seeing how far this smoke goes. With Dr Han with them, they find a chemical plant but the drone malfunctions before they can investigate further. It’s picked up by a guy wearing a gas mask who seems to be one of the workers.

Meanwhile, the students exhibit concerns given their music teacher is locked up. They worry about what’s happening and decide to head to the lobby. They’re not happy with these survivors and decide to leave.

When Hwa-Sun and Tae-Han head back down to the corridor, they find Ms Na has gone, having escaped from her shackles. However, the other survivors remaining learn about the chemical plant and contemplate whether that’s a safer option for them all.

Before that, day turns to night and both Hwa-Sun and Dong-Rim discuss the possibility of Ms Na being the one being controlled by a monster. They also discuss strength, and specifically how Hwa-Sun has managed to keep them going. Only… there’ a problem. As we soon find out, Hwa-Sun is the one hiding the monster inside her, and Dr Han finds out.

In fact, she grabs Hwa-Sun and tries to knock her out. It doesn’t work, and now Hwa-Sun learns the truth about the doctor. Their last hope for salvation is impaled by this tentacled creature, confirming the doctor has been killed.

A high-pitched shriek pierces the air, knocking everyone down. One of the tentacles pierces a gas canister full of liquid nitrogen, which seems to harm it. This tentacle quickly retreats, as all of our characters prepare for what’s to come.

The Episode Review

Dark Hole bows out this week’s double bill with another slow couple of chapters. The idea of moving everything across to the chemical plant looks to be coming full circle to the beginning of the first chapter, and could well be the catalyst that ties everything together.

Unfortunately the rest of the show feels bogged down in unnecessary subplots and ideas that just aren’t that interesting. The whole Dong-Rim/Jin-Seok story has felt pretty inconsequential, while the covered up Choi hit and run is equally as bland. While these would be interesting in a normal drama, as a horror it just doesn’t work.

It also doesn’t help that the actual black hole hasn’t really been mentioned for a good 4 or 5 episodes now and instead, this character-driven ensemble seems to take ideas from Sweet Home, Walking Dead and The Thing, mashing them up into this story that just doesn’t hit the right notes.

It’s a shame, but this is not one to remember. The past 4 episodes have really sucked a lot of the life out of this horror, leaving things on a somewhat nonchalant note ready for next week’s final two episodes.

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