Dare Me – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Smoky Pyramid

After a week’s hiatus, Dare Me returns for another melodramatic episode, one that sees our trio of ladies continuing to spiral as the fragments of their lives begin to crumble around them. In particular, Colette’s affair starts to spill over to her happy family facade and this spells all kinds of trouble for her. Unfortunately Addy finds herself pulled into this too and with wild-child Beth subdued for now, there’s plenty to digest going into next week’s episode.

Following the Riri incident, tensions are understandably high as the group reconvene for cheer leading tryouts and Riri prepares to return. Colette reminds them not to blame anyone as all eyes turn to Tacy following her brutal kick to the face. In the locker room this tension continues to be felt, as Addy and Beth both head home, the former intent on practicing her dance moves and ascending to the top.

At the bar, Colette heads out with Matt and they seem to be having a good time, laughing and joking while playing happy families. Unfortunately Sarge is also there and as he and Colette lock eyes, she packs her things and convinces the family to leave. Stewing over what’s happened, Sarge convinces one of the new recruits not to ruin their life signing up to the marines. As Will leaves out the back door, Kurtz hurries after him and the two come to blows. Walking away from his former friend, Sarge watches as Colette and Matt go about their day, stuck in a delirious state of rage.

Beth heads into practice early, which coincidentally is the same idea Addy has too and once there, we’re graced by a really slick scene involving Addy and her feelings translated across to that of the cheer-leading pyramid, as smoke curls up around her and Kurtz appears, blood oozing from his mouth.

With Regionals a week away, things are looking bleak for the team. They’re out of sync, Beth is not herself at all and with Riri watching on, Colette has enough and puts her foot down. She gives them a rousing speech and tries to wake them up, telling them to do whatever they need to to get their head in the game. Outside, the team turn on Tacy, stuffing used tampons in her bag while Beth distances herself from everyone and tries to deal with the sexual assault weighing heavy on her mind.

Addy heads over to Colette’s but Will shows up at the house, immediately causing her concern. However, Colette caves to her temptations and winds up having sex with him in the house. This is seriously bad timing though, given Matt is out trying to smooth things over for the team with Riri’s Mum. When Colette fails to show, things explode and blow over, resulting in Matt storming off back home.

Eventually Colette returns with a big cut on her head and hugs Matt, crying on her shoulder. As the episode closes out, our trio of characters prepare for what’s to come as Regionals loom ever nearer.

Dare Me returns with another good episode this week and although there isn’t much in the way of plot development, there’s certainly some hints that things aren’t going to end well for at least one of these girls. Having not read the book I can’t comment on whether this is accurate but based on what we’ve seen so far, someone is going to meet a messy end.

Having said that though, the highlight of the entire episode is certainly Colette’s speech and Beth’s artistic shot of the pyramid midway through the episode. Although the story hasn’t always inspired that much excitement or tension, it’s more than made up for this with some really slick artistry. As we cross the halfway point of the show, big question marks remain over what direction this one is likely to go next.


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