Dare to Love Me – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

You’re a Student and I’m a Teacher

Dare to Love Me Episode 6 lands us in Hong-do’s bed where, heart pounding, she remembers hitting Yoon-bok with the door and falling on top of him. Why her student – six years younger and her brother’s friend? No, she can control her feelings. Until she sees him again. She quickly runs back inside for hair, makeup and a pretty outfit while he wonders if she’s unwell. She plays it off that she’s fine but had just gotten out of bed.

Inside, Yoon-bok’s sister suggests they invite Hong-do for dinner since the two women are friendly but Yoon-bok ignores her completely.

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At the hospital, Yi-bok visits her ill-looking mother, telling her about meeting Yoon-bok and that he’s well and not alone. She consoles that there’s even someone who likes him.

While in the office, Camille complains about being rejected by Leader Shin but she’s determined to win and go to Paris with Hong-do afterwards. However, she won’t go until the show categorically happens at Seongsan Village.

Yoon-ah awakes to find herself naked in bed with Hong-hak. As she sneaks away, he wakes, calling her but finding his number now blocked. She meets Yoon-bok who wonders if anything unusual happened, but she profusely denies it, shaken to hear that Hong-hak is not only his friend but his teacher’s brother.

At the Cultural Heritage Administration, Mr Lee is stuck in the middle of the argument between Camille and Leader Shin so, he asks for Yoon-bok’s help. Conveniently, after work, Hong-do meets Yoon-bok, also hoping for help on getting his grandfather on side for the fashion event. She explains that this success will help her achieve her long-time dream. To help both parties, he invites her to try to win over the villagers.

But nothing seems to be working as the tradesmen all appear to be against opening up the village in such a way. The two cheer themselves up with a break for shaved ice. But when Yoon-bok steps away, Se-Ryeong appears, introducing herself as his fiancé and spilling the dessert on Hong-do. In a flash of chivalry, Yoon-bok removes his outer layer to cover her soiled outfit.

At Yoon-bok’s house, Chil-bok presents Yeojudaek the cart he made to ease her chores, allaying her suspicions of him. She claims she doesn’t need such a thing but uses it to deliver him a big plate of meat at mealtime.

At their house, Yi-bok tells Yoon-bok but that their mother is ill, but he doesn’t want to hear about it and continues to ignore her. That night, she gets a boon when Jun-ho offers her a part-time job at the restaurant, he recalling the incident at the golf range.

On the news, there’s a story about products from Seongsan Village being imported and low quality, rather than artisan as claimed. The Cultural Heritage Administration is also under fire as the returns and requests for refund flood in. To this, village artisans approach Leader Shin with their worries over how to protect their heritage. Together, Yoon-bok and Yoon-ah investigate as the police check out the news story which appears to have originated from abroad. Meanwhile, Camille looks pleased with the scandal.

At home, Hong-hak blathers about becoming a strong man after he failed to speak with Yoon-ah. But Hong-do illuminates that there’s more to strength than muscle, noting the characteristics of a strong man as she thinks of her rescue by Yoon-bok.

They both write letters to their crushes, Hong-do putting hers through the letterbox. But she mistakenly sends her brother’s scribble to Yoon-bok – a letter saying ‘I love you’ – so she runs to retrieve it. But just as she reaches the gate, before grabbing the letter, she’s hustled away by Franky for a work emergency. And as Yoon-bok spots a letter in the mailbox, Yoon-ah calls him.

Franky and Hong-do rush to where Camille is giving a press conference, announcing that it will be located at Seongsan Village, just as Yoon-bok steps in to hear the declaration as well. To the cameras, Camille introduces Hong-do as her inspiration and a rising star at Camille Paris. Absolutely everyone she knows sees her being recognized on TV – including her former office. At Seongsan Village, Leader Shin resigns that Camille’s event will now help the village. However, they ponder whether she’d planned the whole thing.

Afterwards, Yoon-bok asks if the dream Hong-do had been chasing was to go to Paris. Hearing an affirmative, he starts to feel like he’ll be abandoned again. As she tries to apologize for the letter, saying she didn’t write it, he shuts down, telling her they should end things here.

In the epilogue, Yoon-bok orders the shoes Hong-do was looking at in the village, guessing her size compared to his own feet.

The Episode Review

Well, isn’t that a turn of events? Not only the (possible) plan to discredit and then magnanimously save Seongsan Village but the reveal of Hong-do as Camille’s up-and-coming designer. As the fashion show will distract from the scandal, was the announcement about Hong-do a distraction from the announcement of the show? Or does she really see her as more than a gofer?

As Leader Shin contemplates that Camille may have started the whole thing, will he go along with the fashion show to bring positive publicity to the village? Or break ties with her since rekindling after so many years post their meeting in Paris. Maybe he’ll feel obliged or maybe he’ll puff up his chest and not want her assistance. But it won’t be easy to get out of it tactfully with all eyes on the Village now.

And on to Yoon-bok who’s finally recognizing some feelings for Hong-do after remaining oblivious for so long. Or at least keeping it from us. Yes – it looks like she’ll be leaving at least for a time. But a lot of things can go wrong before then. And maybe she’d choose him after all. Oh dear. It’s tough to choose between two seemingly wonderful but unknown possibilities. What do you think she’ll do if she has the chance to pick?


Would you choose love or a chance to fulfill a dream? Let us know in the comments below. 

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