Dare to Love Me – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

What’s Wrong with My Heart

Dare to Love Me Episode 5 brings us back to Yoon-bok’s doorway where a woman awaits him, immediately explaining she’s come to live with him. He excuses himself from Hong-do.

Inside, Yoon-bok tries to get rid of his unwanted guest but she’s not budging, even when he says he won’t forgive her. But in a photo she holds, another woman looks distinctly unwell. Unfortunately, Yoon-bok has already left.

At home, Hong-do can’t stop thinking about Yoon-bok, asking her brother about Yoon-bok’s ex-girlfriend. Talking about Yoon-bok, Hong-hak accidentally reveals that he lost his job and finds an excuse to sneak away without confirming it.

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At work, Hong-do delivers a reply from Shin Soo Geun, Yoon-bok’s grandfather, declining Camille’s request. But she has no intention of giving up,

At the station, the investigator can find no record of Kim Chil-bok. Yoon-ah calls her mother at the village to find out if there’s been anything suspicious.

On the way home, Hong-do runs into Yoon-bok, she telling him about the uproar caused by his grandfather’s note. When she asks after him, he doesn’t share about his mystery guest so they both head home.

When they reach the building, the woman is waiting in an apron and Yoon-bok runs off, devastating Hong-do who heads upstairs to sulk. Inside, Yoon-bok tries to kick her out, but the woman appeals to him as the only person she has right now. With a childhood memory in mind, he relents – for now.

Just as Hong-do searches for fruit to bring to Yoon-bok – so she can spy – Hong-hak stumbles in on her foraging and mentions he may have eaten what was there. He’s cheekily asking for an order of chicken and she agrees, deciding it’s something she can plausibly bring to Yoon-bok.

Through the window, she spies the woman and allows Hong-hak to take the chicken from her, imagining Yoon-bok in a passionate embrace with her. Perturbed, she runs home in a fluster.

Camille heads to the village in person, dressed like a foreigner and speaking in French. Meeting with Leader Shin, they argue over her request. When the Cultural Administrator arrives, he’s asked to take Camille away.

Hong-do is so upset that she web-searches her symptoms, discovering that she may have a heart arrhythmia. She approaches Yoon-bok’s newly arrived friend to ask her name but only finds out the woman has moved in with him, making her feel worse.

Hong-hak pitches a new story to his editor, who says management doesn’t want to take him on again because of negative comments. Yoon-ah overhears the conversation and approaches him outside, offering to take him for a drink. She bolsters him to try again talking about her own struggles with Young Master Yoon-bok.

Jun-ho sloughs off his stress at an indoor driving range, running into Yoon-bok’s guest who’s taken a job there, immediately recognizing her. Calling her ‘My Lady,’ he’s surprised to see her working as a waitress as she congratulates him on his successful business. She wants to work for him, her old servant, leaving her number if he has a spot for a part-timer.

Jun-ho heads home for a drink, recalling their conversation and childhoods in the village. There, he’d been accused of causing her an illness, his mother stepping in to prevent a beating from Leader Shin.

The woman – Detective Shin – checks in with her boss, the detective who’s been working with Yoon-bok. But she doesn’t want her brother to find out she’s undercover. For her part, she’s trying to bait Jun-ho to see what’s happening there.

At the village, Yoon-bok tails the suspicious Chil-bok to find he’s actually been making a gift for Yeojudaek, Yoon-bok’s carer who’s been taking care of him in the village.

Meeting in the corner store, Shin Yi-bok introduces herself as Yoon-bok’s sister to Hong-do. And suddenly Hong-do is relieved, inviting Yi-bok to drink together. They find they have many likes in common, deciding to be friends. Yi-bok notes that Yoon-bok relies on Hong-do and looks less sad when he’s with her.

Meanwhile, Yoon-bok stops for ice cream, reminded of Hong-do. But as they reach her door at the same time, she knocks him in the head and then trips on top of him, lying face-to-face.

The Episode Review

Welcome to trope-ville, the eagle has landed. So if you were worried that the romance wasn’t progressing, here it is – the classic tripping gig landing the heroine in the hero’s arms. I’m certain they’ll awkwardly stand up and brush their clothes like nothing happened in tomorrow’s episode. After an interminable pause of shock, of course. 

As for revelations, Detective Shin is an interesting turn. And also her relationship with Jun-ho and his current status as a suspect who’d been turned out of the village – not departed on his own because of an awarded sponsorship. Or is that not quite the full story yet? Tell me what you think – before this ep, wasn’t he gearing up to be a second lead hottie somehow?

Anyway, things are different outside the village, just as Jun-ho indicated to his mother. Now we see clearly that Jun-ho’s family works for Yoon-bok’s and that ‘Auntie’ is a courtesy name. But let’s see what that means to this generation of villagers.


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