Dare to Love Me – Season 1 Episode 15 Recap & Review

Decision to Break Up

Dare to Love Me Episode 15 places Hong-do wandering around the village waiting for Yoon-bok to return. While Yi-bok and Yoon-bok wait outside the emergency room only to hear they’ll have to wait until Jun-ho regains consciousness to know more.

As Yoon-bok heads to inform Jun-ho’s mother, he realizes he hasn’t contacted Hong-do. He meets her the next day with an update on Jun-ho’s accident and she tells him not to worry about not having contacted her earlier.

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Reporting to his grandfather, they talk about what Jun-ho may have wanted to tell him. Perhaps something about his father’s death? They believe someone is forcing Jun-ho to keep quiet.

Reviewing the designs, Camille and Hong-do talk about Camille meeting Leader Shin in Paris and how he was called home. She advises Hong-do to make decisions in accordance with what she wants.

The next day, she calls Yoon-bok to try on the suit she’s made for the fashion show. But as he’s changing she overhears him talk to his sister by phone about Jun-ho. As she adjusts the outfit, he’s lost in thought about the mystery. He notices her VISA application and she acknowledges that she’d leave after the show while he still has a lot to do in the village. He says he’ll take care of everything before they leave.

He delivers a to-do list of village items to his grandfather noting he’ll join the police team the following day to help with the investigation. As his grandfather objects, Hong-do overhears Yoon-bok saying he’ll go to France with Hong-do after things are cleared. Grandfather doesn’t object but he’s worried about Yoon-bok getting involved in the investigation.

The two meet in the evening and discuss the importance of preserving the village. Hong-do tells him she’ll go to Paris alone and that he should stay to help his beloved village. She consoles that she’ll be fine without him but the village won’t, then thanks him and leaves.

The day of the fashion show arrives, Camille joyful, thanking Leader Shin. They talk about the village and parting ways. While Hong-do gives a pep talk to her team. She spots her father outside but quickly runs away.

At the event, press and guests gather as Yoon-bok considers Hong-do’s words. On his way to the show, he spots Chil-bok cleaning and suggests he head to the show. Instead, Chil-bok sneaks into Leader Shin’s office to search around, finding Yoon-bok’s father’s keychain. Yet outside there’s a masked man with the same keychain. He runs when spotted by security.

In the dressing room, Yoon-bok moves to approach Hong-do but security steps in to inform him of trouble. The masked man ducks into a room finding clothes for the show and quickly changes revealing his burn scar and his face. It’s the director of the Cultural Heritage Administration. Hong-do notices him holding the keychain and they flash back to him stealing it years ago and a young Hong-do catching him then. He grabs a scarf, tightening it around her neck until she falls, dragging her into the back of a van.

Noticing her absence, Yoon-bok follows the trail seeing the Director closing the van and running after it. Yoon-bok calls him to hear him confessing everything including an affiliation with Jun-ho and saying he’ll trade Hong-do for the jade box. He then tosses his phone away.

From the car, Yoon-bok calls Leader Shin, explaining the situation and that they should carry out the fashion show as normal while he continues to search. While Hong-do wakes tied to a chair in a room filled with antiquities. She finds a rough nail working to untie herself but she’s re-captured. From his car, Yoon-bok gets a call to make an exchange.

At the show, Camille says Hong-do will make a grand entrance in Paris as if it’s a PR stunt. While Chil-bok cries to Leader Shin about his daughter and being forced to get the keychain for the Director previously. Rushing in, Yoon-bok gets permission from his grandfather to use the box as an exchange. Meanwhile, Jun-ho wakes in the hospital with Yi-bok racing to his side.

On his way to the airport to meet the director, Yoon-ah is thrown as a man grabs the bag forcefully. But Yoon-bok is waiting outside the house having been informed by Jun-ho. When the director discovers a concrete block in the bag, he heads to Hong-do while security go for Yoon-bok. He claims he won’t let the men escape if Hong-do is hurt.


The Episode Review

Well, that one got me. Was anyone expecting the Cultural Heritage Director to be the culprit? Not me. So, in a twist, the fairly light drama has turned serious with this seeming a bit more serious than guys stealing fans and vases. Now Hong-do is in the mix and being bartered for precious goods. It was also surprising that with her hanging in the balance they didn’t just give the guy the jade box. Yoon-bok and Leader Shin made a choice. I guess Yoon-bok is confident in his and Yoon-ah’s skills. Well, back in Episode 1 he did thwart a pile of baddies alone, but still. Risky, no?

Without Hong-do or Yoon-bok the fashion show goes on but we don’t see it. I was kinda hoping to spot more of their tradition-inspired gear, but alas, that would take a lot of costuming work, I guess. In any case, the show went on, the culprit was discovered and now it’s down to Yoon-bok to save Hong-do. With one episode left, and the ‘decision to break up’ already made, will this change their minds about parting?


This is the penultimate episode. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.  

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