Dare to Love Me – Season 1 Episode 13 Recap & Review

A Shadow from the Past

Dare to Love Me Episode 13 and we’re back with Jun-ho and the secret box containing a jade figurine, guarded by our own Yoon-bok. We then zip to Yoon-bok letting Se-Ryeong down and immediately following her suspicious father who gathers a pile of money hidden outside.

Discussing it as a group, Yoon-bok suggests Camille should spy on Leader Lee. But she’ll have to publicly abandon Leader Shin when he resigns in order to be convincing. And then trap Lee with a fake contract. Hong-do practices her appalled look and the traps are set.

Still backtracking to episode 12, Jun-ho gets a call that sends him to the village storage room with a threat against his mother Yeojudaek if he doesn’t succeed. However, he’ll gain the enticing bonus of the chance to defeat the Shin family if he does.

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As Hong-do figures out the storage room is part of the plan, Yoon-ah shares rumors that Gamjjok is plotting something big. Putting everything together, Yoon-bok confronts Jun-ho at the storage. But Jun-ho talks of his early life as a slave in the village and wanting to destroy everything. Yoon-bok calmly suggests he not to destroy himself.

At last, Yi-bok arrests Jun-ho under the Cultural Heritage Protection Act, both close to tears. While at a press conference for the fashion show, Hong-do accuses Leader Lee of assisting Gamjjok and he’s quickly arrested too.

In the police van, Jun-ho admits that Yi-bok is the only one he cared about, but he wasn’t allowed to do that in his lowly role. Afterwards, Yi-bok laments the way things turned out, remembering how kind he he’s always been to her.

Devastated about her son and his attack on the village, Yeojudaek resigns. She and Leader Shin both apologize for things past but she’s too upset to remain. As she packs her things, Yoon-bok asks her to stay at least until Jun-ho returns, as she’s like a mother to him. He then asks Chi-bok to look after her.

Detained, Jun-ho meets Yoon-bok who updates him about his mother. Additionally, Yoon-bok asks him if he was involved in his father’s death 7 years ago. But Jun-ho claims he wasn’t.

At the village, Camille encourages Yoon-bok to be the face of Seongsan as the lead model for the show. While Hong-do is surprised he’s agreed, the interns are thrilled.

As the interns slack, Hong-do and Yoon-bok scout picturesque locations, but he is pleased to show her around. Afterwards, he takes them all to dinner, the interns excited to hear they’re the same age as Yoon-bok and further shocked that Hong-do is his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Leader Shin comes up with excuses to see Camille but is traumatized when he finds her up close with Franky, imaging heaven knows what.

Walking in the village, Chil-bok spots his daughter with Yoon-bok. Later Yoon-bok catches him, surprised to hear it’s her father and Hong-do asks him not to approach her. Outside, Yoon-bok hears from Chil-bok how their family broke up and later Hong-do shares her side.

From jail, Jun-ho wonders if he does know the person who killed Yoon-bok’s father. As he’s about to be moved to another facility, he spots an attacker approaching with a knife.

Epilogue: Leader Shin asks Franky about Camille, wondering why he’d never heard of him and upset to hear Franky say they’re like married couple. Afterwards, Franky scolds Camille for making him buy vitamin supplements for her ex.


The Episode Review

So even though we’ve seen Jun-ho’s slow downhill slide over the last several episodes, it’s still unhappy, especially for Yi-bok. We did get a better glimpse into the puppet master, likely his sponsor, who’s forcing him with threats. Since we’re seeing this, they’ll surely reveal it at some point, perhaps reducing his incarceration. That’s if he doesn’t get stabbed.

We also see how the plan to stop Leader Lee came together – indicating that he helped sell some of the antiquities. But we haven’t seen anything other than a single meeting with Jun-ho about that. Perhaps he provided the key to the storage room?

Either way, it’s a pretty tame episode until the last moment where an attacker seems to be heading toward Jun-ho. Will Yi-bok happen to show up in time? We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see…


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