Dare to Love Me – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

The First Day He Broke the Rules

Dare to Love Me Episode 10 returns us to the kiss and back to awkwardville. They head home neither knowing what to say. When she holds his face, ready to return the kiss, he looks like he might explode. But this time they relax a bit. That night, in their own beds, they think of each other smiling and then texting. He invites her on a date to squeals of delight.

The next day, having researched venues and dating tips, he’s even packed supplies, like a blanket in case she gets cold. Admitting it’s his first date, he notes that he’d previously been dedicated to his role as successor of the Village. At lunch, he even grills clams for her but passes out after half a glass of soju. He wakes having missed the last boat to visit an island and privately he laments not carrying out the day he’d planned.

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At Seongsan restaurant, Yi-bok continues to search for someone with a burned arm. When she gets something on her clothes, Jun-ho lets her into his secure office apartment to change into something of his. He changes too but she fails to get a look at his arm.

That night, Yoon-bok texts her but is worried when the sleeping Hong-do doesn’t reply. Is she so disappointed by his failed date? He recalls her blocking useless messages earlier that day – has she also blocked him? When he notices he’s been left on read, he completely freaks out.

The next day, she wakes with her phone in her hand, delighted there’s a message. And he’s been awake all night waiting for a reply. She messages that she’d like to carry out the rest of their date another time and he’s quickly revied. Arriving early at their house, he’s thrilled to get sight of her, while she’s trying to escape with her make-up-free face. When she’s ready to leave, he fixes her coat but as soon as Hong-hak appears they hastily move apart. Hong-hak can’t believe they’re still so awkward around each other.

At work, they text sweet little messages to each other, with an ‘I miss you’ practically knocking Yoon-bok over. He leaves an appalled Hong-hak at 6pm on the dot. But Hong-hak recovers when he finds the free café coupon. Impressing the owner with his webtoon, she brings him a delight, sitting with him. Soon Yoon-ah arrives, explaining that she’s the star of the webtoon the owner likes so much. At the end of the date, Hong-hak is extremely relieved to hear everything is on the house.

Waiting for Hong-do outside her office, Yoon-bok spots Do Yeong wanting to hug Hong-do as a hello. So, Yoon-bok jumps in and hugs him, surprising everyone. After detangling, Do Yeong asks her to get back together – or is she with him now? For every day Do Yeong mentions, Yoon-bok says she has other plans. Eventually, Hong-do says she’s dating Yoon-bok and as Do Yeong calls after them that Hong-do is easy, Yoon-bok retaliates by grabbing his phone and deleting her number and all their photos. Then tells him off as other woman film the whole incident.

The posted video is brought to Se-ryeong and her father storms to see Leader Shin, claiming their family has been insulted. Threatened, Shin doesn’t know what to do but Camille overhears and brings a bottle of wine to sooth things. Camille wonders why he’d press his grandson into an unwanted relationship, especially after their own history. She claims the most important duty is to other people.

Yeojudaek and Chil-bok have a drink, talking about their children and watching Yoon-bok’s video, Chil-bok remarks on the female involved with the scandal. While at home, Yoon-ah reports to Yoon-bok that the video has gone viral in the village. But Yoon-bok is more concerned about Gamjjok.

Speaking of Gamjjok, Yi-bok follows some suspicious characters, surprised to hear that they’ve made a reservation at the Seongsan Hall restaurant. But one of them overhears her reporting it to someone.

Hong-do invites Yoon-bok to the popup store launch at the restaurant. She also asks him about the video but he’s not worried – more curious about the video title. Finding out it means he’s cute, he’s sort of upset as he’s normally referred to as mature. Then they bicker over who’s cute between them.

At the village, they store a precious vase until the fashion show while Jun-ho listens in. He sneaks around the building when they leave, checking a fan like the one he’d repaired. Shin gives the order to check everyone who enters, even villagers, to safeguard the vase. Still inside, Jun-ho places a fan inside a Camille shoebox.

The detectives ready themselves for a potential criminals’ meeting, with Yi-bok on standby as a waitress. While at the popup outside the restaurant, Camille prepares to present her shoes to guests and the press.

Transporting the shoes in her trunk, Hong-do is rear-ended and then attacked as Yoon-bok waits on the phone. The attacker takes the fan from a marked shoebox as a groggy Hong-do watches from the ground. When Yoon-bok can’t hear her, he panics and calls for Yoon-ah. They find the accident scene where Hong-do speaks to medical staff about her concussion and they recommend she go to the hospital. Yoon-bok agrees while she worries about bringing the shoes.

Before they leave, she recalls that the attacker took what looked like a fan. Yoon-ah quickly calls Leader Shin to put him on alert. Then Hong-do contacts a panicking Camille to confirm she’s on her way. While in a dark room, Jun-ho wraps another fan.

At the event, Hong-do and Yoon-bok deliver the shoes. And at Seongsan Village, Leader Shin checks two antique fans – he quickly finds that one is fake. A gang of suspect men arrive at the restaurant and Yi-bok enters to serve them but they quickly fight when one recognizes Yi-bok. Yoon-bok chases after them as the detective team gathers to intercept them. They hear a crash and find Jun-ho restraining one with the antique fan in the box. The guy claims it’s not his as they take him away.

At the police station, he claims someone tried to steal his bag of Camille shoes and he chased after him, landing on the floor with Jun-ho. Speaking to Yoon-bok, Jun-ho can’t believe anyone would use the restaurant to make illegal deals. But Yoon-bok isn’t sure he trusts him. Entering Jun-ho’s apartment, Yoon-bok finds details of the antique fan.


The Episode Review

Yoon-bok and Hong-do are finally a couple, so from here on in it should be sweetness overload. A lot like Kim Myeong Soo’s Angel’s Last Mission: Love. They both seem too soft to not give in to each other’s wants, so until the issue of Hong-do’s trip to Paris comes up, the relationship should be more of the above. Unless the writers have something new in store for us?

And, now that the honied romance is underway, it looks like we’re back to focusing on the mystery piece. With each scene, Jun-ho looks more suspicious. But could he be protecting the Village artefacts? Is it just me or are you hoping he’s innocent too? I’m still hopeful for a nice pair-up for Yi-bok. She’s got enough drama and could use a pleasant date or two. Either way, Yoon-bok now suspects him even more once finding the paperwork on the fan. More to come next week…


Who’s betting that it’s all a misunderstanding with Jun-ho? Let us know in the comments below.  

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