Darby And The Dead (2022) Ending Explained – What happens between Alex and Darby?

Darby And The Dead Plot Synopsis

Darby And The Dead is a dark supernatural teen comedy about a 16-year-old girl who has the power to see the dead. She uses her powers to help the dead transition to the next life. It is not easy dealing with her power while also being a high school student but she makes it work.

Darby is a loner and carries on with her days, judging the popular girls and playing with Gary( one of the deados) Her quiet life is disrupted when the popular girl /her nemesis dies and needs a medium help to transition.  Although Darby doesn’t realize it, this is a blessing in disguise for her as it pushes her out of her cocoon.

Does Capri get her peaceful transition?

Capri didn’t want to transition until she makes sure her sweet 17 party will still carry on without her. She bullies Darby until she accepts to make sure the party will go on as she wanted. The only way to make this happen is to transform Darby enough to be accepted by Capri’s popular friends. After Darby’s makeover, she infiltrates the group and manipulates them to honour Capri’s memory by going through with her party.

Of course, it is not easy planning a party with a demanding ghost and there is also the issue of jealousy that keeps cropping up. Luckily, the party gets thrown with no shortage of drama and Capri is able to move on. She hopes she will be reincarnated in her next life where she will level up.

What happens to Gary?

Gary is one of the deados who chose to stay behind and wait for his wife to die so that they can transition together. He and Darby grew close and he become a sounding board for her. It is kind of romantic yet dark that he is waiting for his dear wife to die. At the end of the movie, Gary gets news that his wife is in hospice and doesn’t have long. He is excited to be together with her and explore what death has to offer.

Does Darby get her closure?

After suffering a near-death experience from an accident that claimed her mother’s life, Darby has been hoping to use her powers to see her mom again. Sadly, her mother has never shown up in front of her.

Capri does some digging as a favour and apology to Darby for being so selfish and finds Darby’s mom. She stayed behind to watch over Darby and make sure she opens up her heart again.  She tells Darby that she was her unfinished business and that she is happy that she is opening up her heart to the living.

Seeing her mom, helps Darby get the closure she needed and they are able to say their goodbyes.

What happens between Alex and Darby?

Alex had an accident and when he woke up from a coma, he started seeing dead people. His parents freaked out and he started pretending not to see the dead anymore. After helping one of the deados crossover, he finally started accepting his powers as a gift instead of a curse.

He wanted to tell Darby that he understands her and can see ghosts too but she ghosted him on their date and has been busy dealing with the Capri fiasco. Once Darby learns that he can see ghosts too, she is elated that she has someone to talk with. She hires him to help with her business and they start dating as well.


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