Dangerous Romance (Thai BL) Season 1 Review – A familiar high school enemy to lovers love story

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Dangerous Romance is a Thai BL romance story between high school students Sailom and Kanghan. Sailom is poor and has to work several odd jobs before and after school to help his elder brother pay shylock’s debts and keep afloat. An unfortunate encounter at school makes Sailom and his friends a target of the school bully Kanghan and his friends.

Kanghan is a rich, spoilt teenager who thinks he can buy his way out of any situation. However, this time his grandmother forces him to apologise to Sailom, and Sailom becomes his tutor. 

Dangerous Romance is a typical rich vs. poor and enemies to lovers trope. However, the series’ distinct script and outstanding performances set it apart from similar plots. Dangerous Romance delivers unique storytelling complementing the social-economic diversity themes with crime and gang activities. In addition to the daily struggles of those living in poverty, they have to endure abuse and bullying from the rich, harassment and exploitation from criminals taking advantage of their helplessness.

The primary strength of the script is the gradual character development through the episodes. The downside of the writing is that as the show progresses, the intensity, especially of interactions between characters, diminishes gradually, and the script does pick it up again. Thus, the writing delivers best when the characters are enemies in the first episodes, and the same vigor in writing is lacking when the characters start to become friends. 

Watching the gradual formation of a strong bond between Sailom, Kanghan, and their friends is the most exciting aspect of Dangerous Romance. The characters deliver stellar performances as the audience watches them grow and mature in personality and academics. Despite coming from a poor background, Sailom is intelligent, strong-willed, hardworking, and does not let anyone look down on him. He is quick to stand up for his friends and not afraid to rub others the wrong way to maintain his integrity. He is humble, pure, and veracious.

On the other hand, Kanghan starts as arrogant, self-centred, disrespectful, spoilt, and rude. However, he is hurt and feels neglected, which makes him act out. His real character is sympathetic, helpful, considerate, brave, diligent, and resilient. 

Consequently, the supporting characters add spice due to their fantastic chemistry. Auto’s presence is refreshing, lovable, and sweet. His humorous comments are quote-worthy. Guy is ready to start a war with anyone daring enough to go after his friends. He is tough, zealous, and a talented football player. Sailom and his friends are forgiving, supportive of each other, caring for one another, and considerate.

Nawa is contentious, especially towards Guy. However, his quarrelsome trait has hidden meanings. It is his way to get close to Guy. The third person in Kanghan’s group is Max. He is agreeable, talkative, and humorous. 

Other unforgettable characters in the series are underutilised, such as Pimfah, Napdao, Saifah, and Name. Saifah and Name’s story could have added depth to the storyline with their diverse backgrounds and backstories. Pimfah is likeable and impressive at portraying emotions, making the audience sympathise and resonate with her feelings. Saifah‘s whole world revolves around his brother, and he can do anything for him. Consequently, he is hardworking and caring. Another amazing supporting character is Kanghan’s grandmother. She stands out as a voice of wisdom and reason throughout the series. 

Overall, Dangerous Romance is an easy watch; straightforward and intriguing, with great chemistry between the cast. The most enjoyable aspect is watching the relationship dynamics develop friendships and romantic relationships. The series lacks much potential, particularly in terms of its title. Apart from the last few episodes of gang activity towards the end of the series, there is almost nothing dangerous in Dangerous Romance. 

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  • - 7.9/10

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