Dandadan – Chapter 160 Recap & Review

The Power of the Demonic Fairy-Tale Card

Chapter 160 of Dandadan begins with the Fairy-Tale Card tampering with Rin’s mind via its powers. Rin sees several individuals and starts questioning things. Fortunately, Kawabanga prevents the Fairy Tale Card from damaging Rin’s mind further. Enraged, the Fairy Tale Card removes Rin’s mouth. The Fairy Tail Card says even if he can’t control Rin’s will, he can control other parts of her.

Meanwhile, the police officer, Okarun, and Serpo remain inside the Cursed Trunk. Since Rin can’t sing, the three fall from the sky. Serpo uses its rockets to ascend and Okarun and the police officer grab Serpo. Serpo asks the two to let go because he can’t keep this up for much longer.

Zuma’s friends try attacking the Fairy Tale Card in the real world. The Fairy Tale Card uses his cards to steal their eyes and harm their ears. As chaos ensues, someone places tarot card-like objects on each of Zuma’s friends’ faces. Suddenly, Count St. Germain arrives and we learn he’s responsible for performing the prior action. The Fairy Tale Card confirms Germain sent Zuma his way.

The Fairy Tale Card wonders why Germain’s opposing him. Germain doesn’t know what the Fairy Tale Card’s talking about. The chapter closes with Germain striking a heroic battle pose. 

The Chapter Review

If it’s not one thing, it’s another with Dandadan’s manga. Although Count St. Germain’s sudden appearance feels convenient for our heroes, fans can’t wait to see how this battle between him and the Fairy Tale Card unfolds. Much like Turbo Granny, it appears Germain has some business with the Fairy Tale Card, despite Germain’s puzzling response at the end of this chapter. 

Hopefully, future chapter releases address Germain’s sudden arrival and his connection with the Fairy Tale Card. Additionally, it would be great to receive more intel on why Turbo Granny despises Germain. We haven’t received many details regarding their strange relationship, so it’d be nice to obtain more insight on that in a future chapter release. 

Moreover, it’s great that Kawabanga helped Rin escape the Fairy Tale Card’s control. Simultaneously, it’s stellar that the Fairy Tale Card has different attacking methods. It makes the fight feel engaging and less dull, unlike a certain Shonen series. Next to giving readers stellar artwork, this was a fun chapter of Dandadan.

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