Dandadan – Chapter 159 Recap & Review

Escape from the Cursed Trunk

Chapter 159 of Dandadan begins where we left off in chapter 158 with Rin using her new singing-gravity powers on the Cursed Trunk and its figurines. Then, Rin’s subordinates use their music devices to improve Rin’s music. Meanwhile, Turbo Granny asks Momo if she ate the Cursed Trunk’s food. Momo discovers that eating the Cursed Trunk’s food cursed her.

Okarun hands Momo the gold ball. He believes this will remove the Cursed Trunk’s curse’s effect on Momo. Momo takes the gold ball but she remains grounded. Turbo Granny tells our heroes they must defeat the Fairy Tale Card to remove Momo’s curse and prevent this world from falling apart. Turbo Granny hops on Momo’s shoulder and suggests Okarun leave the Cursed Trunk and defeat the Fairy Tale Card.

Turbo Granny tells Okarun to defeat the Fairy Tale Card swiftly, otherwise, bad things will happen. Okarun tells Momo he loves her before departing. Momo lets go of Okarun and wishes him good luck. Eventually, Zuma’s gang and the Fairy Tale Card exit the Cursed Trunk. Simultaneously, the Fairy Tale Card separates itself from Zuma, leaving Zuma lying unconscious on the ground.

While Zuma’s friends comfort Zuma, the Fairy Tale Card confronts Rin. The chapter closes with the Fairy Tale Card possibly possessing Rin. 

The Chapter Review

This chapter holds one of the funniest confessions ever to stem from a modern Shonen title. Despite our characters’ problematic situation, fans will be thrilled to see Okarun finally confess his feelings to Momo. At the same time, it’d be wise for Okarun to focus on defeating the Fairy Tale Card as this monstrosity’s already got its sights set on controlling Rin, much like it did with Zuma. 

It’s unfortunate to see Zuma lying unconsciously on the ground. After the flashback sequence involving him and the police officer, it’ll only fuel fans’ wishes for his safety more in the upcoming chapters. Additionally, it’s great to see the Fairy Tale Card provide our heroes with some challenges. Although Kawabanga could assist Rin in fighting off the beast’s control, the Fairy Tale Card may have other tricks up its sleeve. 

Additionally, this chapter was well-drawn. From the rock band panel featuring Rin and Zuma’s gang to our heroes and the Fairy Tale Card flying, Yukinobu Tatsu continues delivering magnificently drawn scenarios for their fanbase to observe. It’ll make one wonder how they can deliver wonderful artwork like this weekly. Overall, this was a nice follow-up chapter of Dandadan. 

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