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Chapter 155 of Dandadan begins with Zuma dreaming about his deceased family. Then, the police officer wakes Zuma up for breakfast. Zuma argues with the police officer during breakfast because he refuses to abide by his home’s policies. More back-and-forth shenanigans occur between the pair, but the police officer is always a step ahead of Zuma. 

Before Zuma can knock out the police officer with an umbrella one night, Zuma notices a photo of the police officer, his wife, and his child. Zuma stops himself and departs to his room. Zuma interrogates the police officer about his family the next day. The police officer tells Zuma a man murdered his wife and daughter because he hates happiness. 

The police officer says the man felt murdering happy people would be a great way of taking a jab at their rotten world. Although the police officer wanted to kill this man and himself, he argues his memory of his daughter prevents him from carrying the deed out. Moreover, the police officer wants to cleanse their rotten society to prevent matters from worsening. 

The police officer says this is why he took Zuma in. He hopes Zuma will remember the kindness and compassion he felt during his early beginnings and live on with care in his heart. That said, the police officer promises Zuma he’ll protect him. Zuma doesn’t want to accept the police officer’s compassion because he knows society rejected his family and himself. 

Zuma leaves. The chapter closes with Zuma visiting the same spot where his younger brother perished. 

The Chapter Review

Zuma’s tragic upbringing is one thing, but many folks didn’t expect the police officer’s tale to share a similar level of heartbreak. Although it was brief, it’s refreshing to see side characters like him get some depth. It allows readers to grow attached to these characters, understanding what led them to act like the people they portray themselves as in the present timeline. 

Considering both males lost their families, it makes sense for the police officer to house Zuma and hopefully instill faith in him. Judging by the acts of kindness Zuma shows Momo during their frivolous adventures, it’s safe to say the police officer accomplished this task. How the police officer achieved this notable feat, begs to be seen. 

We predict the police officer and Zuma may get into trouble with the person who murdered the police officer’s family. There’s no mention of that individual dying or being imprisoned after the police officer finishes his spiel. So that’s one possibility that could unite both gentlemen. Alternatively, the two may encounter another random perpetrator who will entice Zuma or the police officer to save each other from this possible menace’s assault. 

Whatever the case may be, we’re certain fans can’t wait to see what else Tatsu Yukinobu has planned for both characters’ backstory. Coupled with great visual storytelling techniques and touching themes, Dandadan continues to be a fabulous read every week. 

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