Dandadan – Chapter 153 Recap & Review

Unji Zuma

Chapter 153 of Dandadan begins with a flashback involving Zuma, his sibling, and their mother looking over a deceased man’s body lying in a bed. The three attend a meeting with this deceased gentleman’s bosses. His bosses tell Zuma’s mother that the deceased man is responsible for his demise. Later, two men arrive at Zuma’s mother’s home.

They tell her that she and her kids must leave their home soon because she’s always behind on rent. Meanwhile, Zuma and his younger brother chat about umbrellas in another room. Zuma reflects on a time when he protected his younger brother from bullies. The next day, Zuma’s brother loses his umbrella in a rainstorm and attempts to grab it.

Zuma rushes out to his brother’s location. Unfortunately, Zuma’s brother perishes, leaving Zuma and his mother upset in a follow-up panel. Next, we receive several panels of Zuma’s mother taking Zuma to an amusement park. After that, we receive another panel of Zuma’s mother trying to jump toward an incoming train. Zuma tries to stop her but fails.

The chapter ends with Zuma’s mother dying after getting hit by that train. 

The Chapter Review

Chapter 152 of Dandadan gave fans an interesting cliffhanger to contemplate regarding the mysterious figure standing next to Zuma’s unconscious body. Likewise, Chapter 153 gives fans an idea of who this figure could be and delves into Zuma’s background creatively. Little to no dialogue was shared in this chapter, as Yukinobu Tatsu opted to share details about Zuma’s tale through their splendid artwork. 

From Zuma’s brother’s demise to Zuma’s mother committing suicide, Zuma is another character fans can add to the “tragic backstory” drawing board alongside others. Simultaneously, it’s refreshing to see a shonen manga tackle such a backstory creatively and compellingly. Granted, other manga authors have used visual storytelling techniques to evoke an emotional response from readers.

Nevertheless, it was still an effective and immersive way to get fans interested in Zuma’s character if they weren’t already on board with him. That said, we anticipate Zuma will be joining Momo, Okarun, and others as one of the series’s primary characters. This would follow suit with the series’s “recruiting others” formula, a common trope found in old and current shonen works. 

All in all, this was a short, yet emotional chapter of Dandadan.  

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