Dandadan – Chapter 152 Recap & Review

Turbo Granny Vs Brella Boy

Chapter 152 of Dandadan begins with Okarun confronting Zuma (who is still under the fairy tale card’s control). Before he battles Zuma, Okarun places his Gold Ball in his sleeve. Then, the two men fight and Zuma tries to regain control over his body from the fairy-tail card. After Zuma finishes rambling, he and Okarun continue fighting.

Zuma gets the upperhand on Okarun. Then, Serpo intervenes, much to Zuma’s annoyance. Okarun rejoins the fight and knocks Zuma straight into the ground. Okarun attacks Zuma again and sends him straight into a castle’s wall. Okarun returns to normal and questions if he finally defeated Zuma. Suddenly, an undisclosed being wanders toward Zuma.

This same person tells Okarun not to bully their big brother. Readers can assume this is Zuma’s relative. Then, the lunatic police officer wanders toward Okarun and calls out to Unji. While we’re unsure who the cop’s referring to, we can assume Unji is Zuma based on the panel that follows this message. Then, we receive another panel of the same umbrella child and Okarun’s baffled face. The chapter closes with two kids glaring at a bridge. 

The Chapter Review

Dandadan Chapter 152 gives audiences an adrenaline-pumping fiasco to read regarding the fight between Okarun and Zuma. As with previous battles, Yukinobu Tatsu ensures readers will have a visually engaging experience with the choreography on display here. Additionally, it was wonderful seeing Serpo lend Okarun assistance during the fight. It shows how strong Serpo is and how formidable Zuma can be when pushed to his limits. 

While the action was great, this chapter also alludes to the police officer having some type of connection with Zuma. Although this is an interesting twist, many would’ve preferred if Tatsu had foreshadowed this connection better in prior chapters. While the police officer’s strange and crude behavior he displayed in prior chapters keyed fans in on him being messed up in the head, these “Unji” matters could’ve been alluded to better. 

Regardless, I’m intrigued to see where this “Unji” scenario goes as it may give us more insight on Zuma and the police officer’s character, which is great. All in all, this chapter was an enjoyable read, despite having a strange conclusion. 

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