Dance Life – Episode 5 Recap, Review & Ending Explained – Who gets to dance their way into changing their life?


Episode 5 of Dance Life begins this finale with a reminder that Grad Showcase is coming up. All of our stars we’ve followed over the year are about to perform their final pieces. It has been a hard graft; a constant grind of reaching this point. Who will succeed? Who will be cut? We’re about to find out.

Everyone is about to leave the studio but for guys like Max S, who has been at Brent Street for 13 years, what do you do once you leave?

With Grad fast approaching and literal hours to go, everyone is a bundle of nerves. Erin takes charge and gives some big ground rules, to make sure nobody steals anyone else’s gear and makes sure they stay in their line.

There are 8 agents coming to this show so this is a massive deal. Will the performances be pulled off without any hitches? And who will get a contract? We’re about to find out.

Are there any issues with the final performances?

A sick Arabella shows up after having some time off with sickness and she, along with all the other dancers, hear the pep-talks from Cassie and Lucas. Full Time prepares to make their huge debut and dance their hearts out.

Each of the performances go ahead, and we won’t recap it here because honestly, each performance is amazing and it’s great to see all that hard work and effort pay off. On a personal note, Hanging On is next level!

It’s hard not to get emotional for these guys and gals when it’s all over. All the hard work, crazy late rehearsals, the hardships and the difficult segments along the way culminate in an emotional and heart wrenching segment of goodbye hugs and tears of joy (and relief). Full Time is over and those final performances bow everything out with a wonderful crescendo.

Where are all the dancers now?

So what of our dancers? Where are they now? Well, Kim makes her commercial dance debut at World Pride in Sydney and was even choreographed by Squared Division. Erin is doing a business degree and actually recently showed up on Australian Idol with Max S. Speaking of which, it was perhaps obvious from the opening episode but Max S signed with an agent and booked a contract with a professional Australian dance company.

Max and Conor are no longer together unfortunately but do remain good friends. And as for Conor, he auditioned for the musical Wicked (which is fantastic by the way, go and watch it on the West End or Broadway!) and also booked the Australian national tour. Conor has also performance alongside Meghan Trainor and Kylie Minogue!

Arabella signed with an agent and booked her first gig dancing in a commercial, all thanks to some clever TikTok videos. She’s auditioning for musicals, working three jobs and still has plans to see her name on every billboard. What an absolute baller.

Tiana signed with an agent and is regularly booked corporate jobs. She’s also still with Tom too. And Max O, after his stunning performance at Full Time, signs with an agent and is dancing for Opera Australia at the Sydney Opera House. He’s currently saving his money to return to LA to further his career.

Archer is represented by two agents and walked for CELINE in Paris and for Australian Fashion Week. Lucas has big plans for Brent Street and looking to enrol new dancers. And as for Emily, she’s with Focus and has signed with them. She’s preparing for her professional dance debut. And finally, Cassie is still teaching at Brent Street between working international gigs.

The Episode Review

An emotional finale brings everything together in the most satisfying way possible. All of our dancers move onto bigger and better things, while also showcasing all that hard work into 10 minutes of spectacular dancing and singing. Seeing Arabella working her butt off and hustling so hard is definitely inspirational, while some of these other kids have so much talent and grit that it’s insane to think how much you give to this art for a performance that can sometimes be only 3 or 4 minutes long.

There are some definite stand-out performances here and the ending solidifies that everybody’s hard work pays off as they reach out to try and achieve their dreams. It’s a satisfying and beautiful way to round out what’s easily been one of this year’s stand-out shows.

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