Dance Gavin Dance – Jackpot Juicer | Album Review

Track List

Untitled 2
Cream Of The Crop
Holy Ghost Spirit
For The Jeers
Pop Off!
One Man’s Cringe
Feels Bad Man
Die Another Day
Two Secret Weapons
Polka Dot Dobbins
Long Nights In Jail
Back On Deck
Current Events
Pray To God For Your Mother
Swallowed By Eternity
Have A Great Day


It’s difficult to categorise Dance Gavin Dance. They’re a band grafting to be different, and their music is a mix of hardcore and heavy metal, with a series of underpinnings. The act don’t do things by halves either, and their latest album Jackpot Juicer distinctively keeps their inner beliefs intact, while every moment seems frenetic. 

Jackpot Juicer isn’t toned down by any means and the record offers screams alongside well crafted instrumentals, which confirm the band aren’t losing the faith. Though, some songs seem strained and overly dramatic. 

It isn’t a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination and it doesn’t leave a lasting impression either. However, Jackpot Juicer doesn’t lack passion. It has enough verve and grit to stand up against the scrutinisers. 

This hybrid sound can only be a good thing. And Dance Gavin Dance has become purveyors of mixing together genres like well-balanced cocktails. With this record, they haven’t broken ground but their sound still has shining moments. 

‘Cream Of The Crop’ opens the record nicely. It’s fast and volatile, with screams and growls aplenty. The frantic guitar sound offers energy and fluency. 

‘Ember’ starts bluntly. The band describes their home and lack of purpose. The clean vocals reveal so much callousness and it’s certainly a highlight of the album.  

‘Two Secret Weapons’ meanwhile, offers poetry wrapped in guts. It’s a vivid portrayal and the band let their fears fade. The backbeat is arresting and the emotions are deep. 

‘Have A Great Life’ shoulders the pain. The band shows their poignant side here, and they plead for change, courage, and a way out. The thunderous guitar sound increases the intensity. 

Dance Gavin Dance tries to excel with their mix of styles. As always, the sound has its brilliant moments, and then sometimes repetitiveness creeps in. Jackpot Juicer isn’t the finest record from the band, but it has the songs to bolster their playlist.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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