Dance Brothers Season 1 Review – A decent routine that fails to shine

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There are a number of shows and movies revolving around dancing, from the ever-popular Step Up series of movies to reality shows like Dance 100. It would be remiss not to mention the Bring It On series here, while Dance Monsters, the animated flick Ballerina and, of course, classics like Footloose and Grease, deserve a nod.

Oh, and there’s also darker psychological films like Black Swan, which work in direct contrast to all those lovely, upbeat Disney animated flicks! The point I’m making here is that the genre is absolutely stuffed to the brim with choice.

Dance Brothers then already has a steep mountain to climb before it starts. The proverbial well has all been run dry and this Finnish series is the latest to try its hand in the dancing arena. The result is a decent enough performance overall, hitting all the right beats and moves, but never doing enough to really wow audiences and stand out.

Split across 10 episodes, each of which clocking in at around 20 minutes a pop, Dance Brothers, as one may have gathered from the title, centers on two brothers who want to become professional dancers. After a slew of rejections, the pair decide to open their own nightclub, Laundry.

That’s actually a pretty accurate title, as it turns out, given the brothers have a fair amount of dirty laundry that needs airing. You see, running a business is not as simple as just dancing the night away, and brothers Roni and Sakari find that out firsthand the hard way.

As the season progresses, all the usual clich├ęs crop up, including financial difficulties, a romance between Sakka and a woman called Karo, and numerous disputes within Drastic, the equally accurately-titled name for the brother’s dance group.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with Dance Brothers, given the show has a decent pace, good characters and competent dancing, the plot itself leaves a lot to be desired. There’s just nothing here that really stands out, nor is there anything that actually stands out as drastically different from what we’ve already seen.

The ending is pretty good though to be fair, and actually allows both the central characters to grow in an arc that’s both satisfying and leaves extra room to grow. Then again, it also leaves a fair amount unresolved too in the hopes of a second season, so even then it’s a bit of a double-edged sword.

If you’re a fan of dancing and want to watch everything in the genre, Dance Brothers should whet the appetite. However, those after something a bit different or new, you’re unlikely to find that here. This lacks that X factor to really shine on stage.

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  • Verdict - 6/10

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